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Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Traditionally, a sequel is supposed to be difficult to write (like a band’s second album?).

Which means the second book of a trilogy should be even harder to create. It’s like a middle child trying to be independent from its mature sibling whilst staying fresh when the brilliant younger sibling arrives to steal the limelight.

The middle book has to be different.

It has to have something special about its character… offer twists (“I am your father”), be brilliant at something no book has done before and (more often than not) go darker.

With Darwin’s Soldiers currently sold out on Amazon and the centenary of the Great War armistice just a few days away, Unbound are opening up funding for the sequel, Survival. So if you have read Darwin’s Soldiers (no worries if not – it’s a long book!) and want to have your name or the name of your favourite pet in the sequel, check out the below link and pledge your support!

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Annette Smith
Annette Smith says:

Can't wait until this is out Ste. Darwin's Soldiers is great

October 30, 2018

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