Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Hopefully you’re reading this on March 20th, in which case it’s a huge Happy Birthday Darwin’s Soldiers!

Technically it’s a half birthday, so today we celebrate six months since the novel was published.

More importantly, today is also my son’s birthday (Happy 7th Birthday Harry!) and the Spring Equinox. From now until September the days will be longer than the nights as the northern hemisphere tips its arctic hat to the sun.

Thank you to everyone for making this happen – for your wonderful comments about the book, your reviews (how many 5-star reviews?!) and for your interest in The Origin Trilogy. The sequel, Survival Machines, is still funding, so there’s still time to get your name in the book and continue with John’s adventures:


If you haven’t read your paperback yet or lost the e-book, it’s only 99p at the moment on amazon, where you can also buy the e-book for someone as a gift!


And don’t forget to check out the short stories by some amazing authors at the back of Darwin’s Soldiers!

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