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Wednesday, 30 May 2018

I’m not sure how many analogies I can create for publishing Darwin’s Soldiers?

We’ve had walking the length of Britain, giving birth and a growing a bush in the shape of a spaceship… now I’m imagining a Spitfire taxiing out of a hanger. The engine’s ready to kick into action and the machine guns are loaded. Meanwhile, I’m on my deckchair, pipe in hand and catching some rays while the team give the plane a lick of paint and we wait for the call over the radio: ready to leap into action.

In other words… with the edits completed, the typesetting is under way and the design of the book cover has begun! The brief has been handed to the designers who will work their magic to create a cover of eye-catching beauty which will look stunning on the bookshelf (or as a poster on the wall!).

Before long we’ll be heading for the skies and I’m sure many readers out there will read your names in the back and know they owe so much to you, the few, who made this possible.

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