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Thursday, 29 March 2018

Team Darwin, today we’ve taken another step closer to seeing Darwin’s Soldiers evolving (get it?) into a real book:

The Structural Edit is complete!

130,000 words of adrenalin-fueled adventure and discovery, told from the point of view of twelve historical characters, will be in your hands in a just few months.

Characters have been renamed and chapters shunted, new scenes written and many, many commas have died for this great cause... and it’s thanks to you that this process is taking place at all. Your pledges have enabled the editors to work on the book and develop it into a fast-flowing novel which is sure to entertain countless other sci-fi and historical fiction fans out there. You really should pat yourselves on the back because you have been part of creating something new.

Thank you!

If have time this Easter break, please log into your Unbound account and double check you are going to receive the pledge level you wanted – be it e-book, paperback or more. A couple of you might even get a surprise!

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