By James Wilkins

An A to Z of the Cosmos

Saturday, 22 September 2018

Thank you! (and a quick update)

39% and 120 backers!! I was waiting for 40% but then realised that 39% was as good as any percentile to take the opportunity to say hello and more importantly to say a gargantuan thank you to all of you who have supported this book so far. 

To anyone that has undertaken a project like this (as some of the Unbounder pledgers will testify), crowdfunding is almost as big a task as writing the book itself. Every single person that has pledged so far has been met with an enormous whoop of joy when I've seen the pledges increase so again, thank you (for the pledge and the dopamine rush). Whether you are friend, family or someone who came across this book and kindly decided to help become a part of the process, I am sincerely grateful.  

So, to the update part - the inspiration for this book was grounded in a love and awe of all things space so I've also created a podcast that I'll be launching in the next few weeks - partly to help promote the book but also because sitting down and picking the brains of brilliant minds who also love space is, in itself, a wonderful thing to do. I'll update again when that link is live - so far I've spoken to astro-biologist Professor Lewis Dartnell and galactic-astronomer Dr David Clements and will be interviewing an olfactory expert and astrophysicist next week who has created an experience dedicated to the smells of space. Hopefully this podcast will not only provide some fascinating listening for anyone who listens, but should also help introduce the book to a wider audience.

You have all already been generous enough with your time and money in supporting this project BUT, and it's a big but, if you do have any further time - there could be a few other ways to help support this book. Firstly, if you know anyone who has achieved anything in the space-arena, let me know as they may well be of interest for the podcast (contact me at jimcharliewilkins@gmail.com). Secondly, when the podcast is launched, please listen, like and maybe even subscribe - I've practiced my radio voice so it shouldn't be too grating to listen to. Finally, if you know anyone who might be interested in this book, then please do recommend it or even tweet / share / shout about it to anyone who won't object to hearing about it. 

I really can't say enough how grateful I am for all your support - this book, this project, even the emotional endurance to keep the fundraising element going is all very literally fuelled by your pledges and kind words throughout.  

Thanks and I'll now probably bombard you with updates on a daily basis.



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