By James Wilkins

An A to Z of the Cosmos

Tuesday, 23 November 2021


Hi everyone,

I genuinely can’t believe I’m updating everyone to say that we’re now at 95% funding. It’s suddenly feeling incredibly real and I wanted to thank you for all your patience and for supporting this book. Andreas and I can’t wait to get it made and share it with you. Over the last three years we've put an awful lot of time and love into it so we really hope you enjoy it. 

While I have all your attention, knowing that you all may have more than a passing interest in all things scientific, I wanted to show support for another science themed book on Unbound that you may like the look of. It’s called 'Great Explanations', and looks rather brilliant so I've invited the author (Mark Lorch) to tell you more about his project.

Over to Mark...

Hello DARK supporters (and thanks to James for giving me some space on his update). Great Explanations is a popular science anthology, in which I've invited top scientists and science writers to tell us about the single most fascinating thing they have ever learnt. I've lined up some truly amazing scientists, including the likes of Lord Martin Rees (The UK's Astronomer Royal), Sir David Speigalhalter, Dr Helen Czerski (regular on BBC documentaries), Dr Kat Arney (award winning science writer) and many more. Together we plan to provide you with a smorgasbord of fascinating and inspiring tales from the far reaches of science.

Please do nip over to https://unbound.com/books/great-explanations/, to find out more, and pledge your support. Together we can make Great Explanations happen!

Many thanks


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