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The Warp-Speed Guide to the Universe

Ever wanted to know more about The Big Bang but didn't have Brian Cox's email address? Ever wanted to shout out "what on earth is a black hole?", but were afraid you'd be shouting into the abyss?

Ever wanted to know how gravity works but never found the book to pull you in? Well, have no fear, DARK: The A to Z of Black Holes, The Big Bang and Everything In-between can help with all of these things (apart from supplying Brian's email address.)

DARK is an easily digestible guide to the Universe in a handy A-Z format and, what's even better, it will all be presented in a beautifully designed package, making you want to keep it out on display and be compelled to dip into it every time you have the urge to find out exactly when Planet Earth will become engulfed in the fiery furnace of our very own sun.

This book is part-handy guide to the Universe, part-graphic design eye candy so please get your copy now before Elon Musk buys them all and fires them in a Tesla into the Kuiper Belt.

We've created a number of design elements that feature throughout the book, including an original piece of art to accompany each of the 26 chapters, a bespoke astronomy A-Z font used at the beginning of each chapter and inspiring quotes about space over double page spreads with beautiful typographic consideration.

So if you want to brush up on your astronomical ABC's while simultaneously having a visual massage from some rather splendid art and design, then this may very well be the cosmic-coffee table book for you (or your friend/ brother/sister/husband/wife).

We've condensed a lifetime of loving space and design, 1000s of hours of research, 100s of hours of podcasts and dozens of hours looking up at space shouting "WHYYYY" to bring you the definitive alphabetical guide to space.
Black holes, dark matter, intergalactic travel, the multi-verse, gravity, Hubble, the search for extra-terrestrial intelligence are just some of the subjects we've gone slightly mad trying to comprehend.

Perhaps, after purchasing a copy, you'll one day find yourself shouting "WHYYYY" at the heavens too?

Hailing from Essex but now living in North London with his wife and two daughters, James spends his days as Creative Director at and his nights trying to read 'A Brief History Of Time' to his 3-year-old. Despite not pursuing physics beyond GCSE, his love for all things space and graphic design has led to him spending too many evenings trying to comprehend time-dilation. Oh, the irony.

About the Illustrator

Andreas Brooks is a freelance graphic designer and artist living in East London and along with being James' brother-in-law, is also responsible for the 26 pieces of art in the book. He is not only blessed with great artistic talent but also has an amazing brother-in-law… who also wrote this biography for him.

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