Dark Angels On Writing

By Dark Angels Collective

How to change lives with words.

Thursday, 6 December 2018


Well, we achieved our 100% funding in just three months so it’s a big thank you to all our Dark Angels supporters. The very good news is that this means the book will now go into design, editing and production so that we can put it in your hands as soon as possible. I’ve read all the chapters and it’s going to be a great book, everything we hoped for when we promised THE book on writing. So, very many thanks to you all and we hope you enjoy the book - to set expectations, the earliest date we might go through all the next stages to printed book will take us through to spring/early summer.

Before we press the print button, there’s still a chance for others to sign up to pre-order the book (and, for a while, to get their names printed in the book). So if there are people you know who would like to do that - or if you’d like to order more - just go to the site. It’s the best and easiest way to make sure you get hold of a book as soon as possible.

We’ll let you know more about progress in the coming weeks.

John Simmons

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