Dark Angels On Writing

By Dark Angels Collective

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How to change lives with words.

Publication date: June 2019
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About the book

There are many books on writing. How to write copy that really sells! through to Write the novel that’s hiding inside you. They all make big claims, and they all have their advocates – so why would we want to add one more book on writing to the teetering pile?

We believe that what we propose is a necessary book because nothing else like this is currently available – and because Dark Angels is an idea and a philosophy that has been developed by years of practical application that is both useful and inspiring. And, it has been championed by writers of many different kinds, novelists and copywriters, poets and business writers who all endorse the power of Dark Angels to improve writing and to change lives, not least their own.

We believe that you become a better copywriter if you learn techniques from fiction and poetry – and, heresy of heresies, you become a better literary writer if you hone your skills daily on commercial writing in the business world. The problem with ‘becoming a better writer’ is that people divide writing into compartments that, they insist, should never meet.

The Dark Angels philosophy is different; it is based on the need to allow emotion and personality into writing, then to shape it with a writer’s craft. We help people to become better writers by understanding the pleasures of many genres, by building confidence and by engaging with the sheer joy of words. Through residential courses we work with writers who emerge, in their words, transformed by the experience. Over fifteen years, involving hundreds of participants, we have established an approach that is unlike any other.

Now we want to build on the books previously written by the founding individuals, to produce a collection by twelve Dark Angels founders and associates that cover many different aspects of writing. Dark Angels On Writing will become the book on writing for writers of all kinds. It will take practical experience from the working world and inspirational examples from the literary world to create a book that will combine the useful with the lyrical, practical advice with emotive examples. 

Above all, it will be a great read.


John Simmons
Jamie Jauncey
Stuart Delves
Claire Bodanis
Neil Baker
Gillian Colhoun
Elen Lewis
Martin Lee
Mike Gogan
Andy Milligan
Richard Pelletier
Craig Watson

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