Damnable Tales - A Folk Horror Anthology

By Richard Wells

An illustrated collection of classic Folk Horror stories

Tuesday, 5 May 2020

Out of the Sea

Hello Unbounders!

Fresh off the printing press, here’s a first look at my latest lino print for Damnable Tales. It’s an illustration for A.C. Benson’s ‘Out of the Sea’, first published in the collection ‘The Isles of Sunset’ (1904). A demonic goat-like being comes to the small coastal of village of Blea-on-the-Sands, its appearance somehow connected to a recent shipwreck and dark deeds within the community…

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Michael Smith
 Michael Smith says:

Nice work, Richard. Is that Japanese paper you're using there? Can't quite tell. The effect looks great. Michael.

posted 5th May 2020

Richard Wells
 Richard Wells says:

Thanks Michael. No, it's a heavyweight lokta paper I've been using for this series. Lots of lovely textures!

posted 5th May 2020

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