Damnable Tales - A Folk Horror Anthology

By Richard Wells

An illustrated collection of classic Folk Horror stories

Wednesday, 17 June 2020

'Gavon's Eve'

Hello again!

Here’s my latest lino print for Damnable Tales.

Gavon’s Eve, by E. F. Benson, first published in the 13th January edition of The London Illustrated News, 1906.

Concerning the dark folklore of Gavon’s Loch, and the sinister practice that can be held at a certain spot on a certain night…

It’s a surprise to some that the creator of Mapp & Lucia was also a prolific writer of supernatural fiction. There are another two of his tales that could have made the anthology. There’s ‘The Temple’, where two fellows holidaying in Cornwall find their lodging is located in the centre of an ancient stone circle…  and ‘Negotium Perambulans’, where sinners in a remote coastal village are visited by a horrific blood-sucking creature! Worth seeking out, folks.

Gavon’s Eve is my 13th illustration for the anthology, meaning I have another ten more to do. Slow business, this lino cutting! Thanks for bearing with me! Next up will be a New England tale of witch panic from Mrs. Baillie Reynolds…

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