Damnable Tales - A Folk Horror Anthology

By Richard Wells

An illustrated collection of classic Folk Horror stories

Friday, 19 February 2021

Dammable Chapbook!

Hello again,

I’ve finally made a start on making the hand-bound chapbook pledge reward. As the story I’m including (‘Witch In-Grain’ by R. Murray Gilchrist) is very short, I’ve decided to include a second story by the same author – ‘The Basilisk’. I think they work nicely together, a couple of late 19th century tragic romances full of folkloric doom!

In addition, I’ve decided to stamp a new lino print on the first page, exclusive to this chapbook, an illustration of the mythical Basilisk creature. I’m printing them on a lightly textured 100gsm ‘antique vellum’ colour (or 'cream' as I call it) laid paper, and hand-binding each copy with a seven stitch binding technique. And yes, it’s only just dawning on me just how long it’s going to take to print and bind all fifty copies, ha!

There are fewer than ten copies still available, so spread the work if there’s anyone you know who’d like one!

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Joel Meador
 Joel Meador says:

That looks really cool, wish I had the money to back it. :)

posted 19th February 2021

Steven Feeney
 Steven Feeney says:

I think I backed this. This is amazing work!

posted 19th February 2021

Jake Byrne
 Jake Byrne says:

I wish I could afford this tier. So glad you reached your goal though, I can't wait to have damnable tales in my hands!

posted 20th February 2021

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