Dad Droid

By Chris Bran and Justin Chubb

From the creators of This is Jinsy, a fun, fast-paced adventure for children of all ages

Monday, 7 August 2017

Dad Droid is Two-thirds funded!

Thanks for all your pledges. We're now two-thirds funded! Hoorah!  

There's still a signed Jinsy DVD available as well as some signed Jinsy maps, detailing famous island landmarks such as 'Goat World', 'Burysomcorpsis Bay' and 'Slapper's Rock'.

There's also still an opportunity to name two characters in the book and for a robot-themed day out with us in London.

If you know anyone who might want to help us fund the book, please do share: 

We can't wait for you all to read 'Dad Droid' and join in the adventure!

 c & j x

(P.S. This is us, mid-way through writing the book. We always wear special outfits to help the creative flow. Note Christopher's 'banana collar', a must-have for would-be authors and Justin's nostrils; a must-have for would-be humans.)

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Zanna Laws
 Zanna Laws says:

Not only have my chums been wheedled to pledge to crowd fund my book (all done now) but at the same time I have been applying bullying tactics for Dad Droid. Hope it's working!! 67% YAY!

If only I had known, before now, about the bananas and nostrils perhaps the whole funding/printing process would have run a little smoother ie: as a proof copy I received the biggest paperback I have ever seen - I am now camping under it.

Ah for a robotic day out - too far away here in cold Taswegia alas and alack.

Good luck guys with the next 33% - or should that be break a leg? Hmmm!

posted 8th August 2017

Zanna Laws
 Zanna Laws says:

J & C - if you were to abandon the most expensive items how many more pledges would you need to get to 100%?

posted 11th October 2017

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