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From the creators of This is Jinsy, a fun, fast-paced adventure for children of all ages

When Freddy Bird’s genius-inventor Dad goes missing, he and best friend Minnie find themselves plunged into mortal danger, pursued by dangerous thugs, deadly mechanical birds and a sinister businessman with an incredible shark-like car.

But when the children discover a secret tunnel where Freddy’s father has hidden parts of an amazing robot, they decide to outwit their enemies by putting the droid together - a droid that looks just like Freddy’s Dad...

Dad Droid is a fun, funny and fast-paced adventure for children of all ages, including people aged 12.5 and 93 year olds. It may contain nuts (and bolts).

Chris Bran and Justin Chubb are writers and comedians, originally from the Channel Islands and friends since school. They began working together on comedy sketches for Radio 4 and are best known for creating and starring in the series ‘This is Jinsy’ for SKY ATLANTIC, which ran for two series and was nominated both for a Rose D’Or and a British Comedy Award. They are currently developing a new sitcom for Channel 4.


A Fur Coat And Two Odd Shoes

Why do you always walk on the other side of the street to your Dad?’ Minnie asked in her high, sing-songy voice, which sounded exactly like a small ginger-haired girl with glasses who lived next door (which is what she was).

Freddy glanced across to where a lanky man in a ladies fur coat was striding down the pavement opposite, lifting his legs very high like a deranged horse.

‘Because I don’t want to be seen with him. He’s so embarrassing,’ said Freddy. He straightened his school blazer, which was very clean and neat.

In fact everything about Freddy was clean and neat. His blond hair was cut perfectly straight across his forehead. Even the mole on his chin was exactly in the middle.

Something struck his cheek. Minnie was picking bits off a pine comb and pinging them at him as they walked to school.

‘Why’s he wearing different-coloured shoes?’ She went on, nodding towards his father again.

‘I don’t know.’

‘What’s he doing with his legs?’

‘I don’t know.’

‘Why has he just walked into that lamppost?’

All these were valid questions. Freddy turned to explain but as he did so his Dad leaned round the lamppost he’d collided with and shouted across, ‘DID YOU REMEMBER TO CHANGE YOUR UNDERPANTS, FREDDY?!’


Our visit to Mrs Tibb-Untwill

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Mrstibb untwill

Hello and welcome to our shed. Squeeze in!

When we had the idea for ‘Dad Droid’, we knew we wanted it to be an adventure story that would be funny, exciting and hopefully a bit moving too. So we immediately jumped on a bus to East Croydon and visited an incredible woman called Mrs Tibb-Untwill, who trained us up as novelists, over many months, using cake and a large stick. Mrs Tibb-Untwill had…

Amanda Ramsden
Amanda Ramsden asked:

Please, please please release more of the £30 signed This is Jinsy DVD's....... I'm gutted to have missed that reward as This is Jinsy is my favourite programme EVER! !!!!! I'll pledge then- promise!
Amanda xx

Chris Bran
Chris Bran replied:

Hi Amanda, we have just added 10 more signed DVDs to our rewards!

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