A Cut in the Brain

By Kate Orson

One woman's journey to understand sex and heal her body in the face of the medical establishment

Monday, 2 September 2019

Rewriting Your Sexual Self

Dear friends, and supporters of A Cut In The Brain,

Greetings from sunny Tuscany! This summer, I've spent relocating to Italy, so I haven't had much time to focus on crowdfunding, so I'm pleased that despite that, my campaign has slowly crept up to 18%. Still a long way to go, but I'm getting there, and am feeling so grateful to remind myself of all of you wonderful supporters who have already helped to make this book happen. 

A Cut in The Brain, is all about my experiences to find healing and recovery after being the victim of a medical system that does not take female sexuality into account when they cut, burn and remove parts of our sexual organs.

A huge part of this journey of recovery has been to try and recover my sexual 'self' and feel like a sexual human being again. And I've read hundreds of posts and recieved messages from many women like me who've had similiar experiences from medical procedures. 

And it's also got me thinking that there are other ways in life when we get disconnected from our sexual selves. Perhaps it's traumatic experiences, or becoming a parent, perhaps it's being single for a long time, or the opposite and being in the same relationship for a long time. Or perhaps it's simply growing up in a culture, that is saturated with sex for the purpose of selling, and pornography, but where sex is largely a taboo topic.

Writing and reading about sexuality has been so important to me as words are part of the way I figure out the world, and understand things. As well as journalling, I've been writing articles for Kinkly (here's a link to my profile there) to share some of what I've learnt along the way.  

With this in mind, I started planning a writing workshop which I've called 'Rewriting Your Sexual Self.' It's based on my own experiences of using creative writing to heal and recover as well as my training in Creative Writing For Therapeutic purposes.  

It's a chance to explore your sexuality, in a safe and confidential way, with other women so that we can write, and heal together. They'll be writing exercises, to talk about some of the difficulties, and challenges, as well as exploring the more pleasurable side! 

If you can identify with the loss of sexual self, and the need to get it back, to heal, or to rewrite it, then I'd love to hear from you so I can plan a workshop that can be helpful to us all. Please do get in touch if you are willing to share, how this workshop might be helpful to you.  

I have made a new pledge level for the workshop. For £75 you'll get a signed copy of A Cut In The Brain as well. They'll also be an option to just pay for the workshop without ordering another copy of the book once I've arranged the dates. But of course if you want to pledge and get an extra copy for a friend, then you are most welcome too!!

Writing has been my way to find my own sexual liberation, and if you think it might be yours too, then please join me! 

Kate xxx


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