A Cut in the Brain

By Kate Orson

One woman's journey to understand sex and heal her body in the face of the medical establishment

Saturday, 8 June 2019

10% funded!

Dear supporters,

I’m excited to announce that I have reached my first milestone! I’m very happy to be here after less than two weeks crowdfunding. I have got such a buzz from seeing all your names on my supporter list, old friends, new friends, people I just know from facebook, and a few strangers too. It feels really good to know that many of you are pledging to support this book not just to support a friend, but actually because this topic feel important you.

To tell the truth, I’m an eternal optimist, and looking back to when I signed up to Unbound, I ignored any whispering doubts about reaching 100%. I optimistically thought I’d reach my target within a few months. Then I started speaking to other Unbound author who had been crowdfunding for a year or more, and I started to think that perhaps this would take more time than I’d hoped.

Still, from the postive response I’ve got to the memoir so far I am hopeful that I will make it, and I am learning to be patient, and trust that this book will come out when the time is right.

I am so grateful for you all for getting it together to pledge early in this process, and helping me with my endless anxiety and constant clicking of the ‘refresh’ button to see who’s pledged next!

Feel free to share the link with anyone who think might be interested.

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Yvonne James
 Yvonne James says:

Hello Kate! I am so excited for YOU!! I have a couple questions... In the Pledge section, what does it mean to be "at a collectable level"?
Katie~did... I'm beside myself excited about your book and I'm anticipating (excitedly) WHEN I will be able to read it B-) !! It's not my book and I'm thrilled... to be a part of this larger- than- life project ~~~ I can almost IMAGINE how YOU might feel... uh, Over The Moon Bubbly?! tee hee hee Anyway, the 2nd question: My brother is a screen writer and I correct a lot of his writings. If you ever need assistance in this area, I would be happy to help. I don't charge friends anything, & I can tell, I already consider you my friend, Katie ~did. I mean, Kate. Sorry, I like your name. Speaking of such intimate and personal subjects are the unavoidable when it comes to your book and the subject matter. Again, thrilled over the moon for you and all your hard work that you have put in to this project. I couldn't help myself, but to purchase a collectable book from you. Thank you for this opportunity to support you and your cause, and such a worthy cause at that. 3rd Question: "Self: Cervix - Initiation" Pledge. Is it required to have a cervix for this online course? (It's ok to giggle) 4th Question: "Self: Cervix - Release" Pledge. Again, is it required to have a cervix for this online course? I want to make sure I am pledging for the right thing and not wasting a space for someone else, that may be able to fit into the online course, better suited than myself. Also, Kate, I do not know how to get ahold of you, other than responding / replying, to the things you write. How do I contact you? and if you like it this way, that is ok. I understand privacy and my husband & I value ours highly. That's why we live out in the country on 50+ acres. Sorry I'm using this platform to write to you... but I don't know any other way at the moment. Thank you for your time my author friend. Respectfully Yvonne James
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posted 12th June 2019

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