A Curious History of Sex

By Kate Lister

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Thursday, 21 December 2017

Whores of Yore Festive Tarts!! You want it?!

Hello my lovely little spankables!

if you’ve already pledged to publish “A Curious History of Sex” then a thank you present will be landing on your PC tomorrow.

And if you want a tart cookery book - get pledging!!

Whores of Yore Festive Tarts is a completely free E-Cookery Book written by myself and my mum. My mum (who is an amazing baker) has written 10 tart recipes and I have paired each one with a historical tart. We’ve tried hard to match them carefully to reflect something about the person being immortalised in pastry and cream. For example, Nell Gwyn’s Tart is a custard tart, flavoured with orange and almond because she used to sell oranges in the theatres and records tell us the king regularly sent her custard pots and marzipan. Nineteenth-century “professional Mary-Ann”, Jack Saul, is celebrated with a sausage tart, and Madame de Pompadour is remembered with a rich, French black cherry tart, and so forth. 

This is my Christmas present to all that have pledged. It’s also a thank you because your money is being donated to Basis Sex Work project to support the work they do with those in the sex industry. Festive tarts and biographies are a lot of fun, but the work Basis do saves lives and keeps vulnerable people safe. Sex Workers can report violent crime against them to Basis, who then work closely with the police to secure convictions. It’s hugely important work.

Please give yourself a big pat on the back for supporting this and enjoy the tarts!

Merry Solstice! 

Love Kate. X

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posted 21st December 2017

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