A Curious History of Sex

By Kate Lister

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Sunday, 17 December 2017

Whores of Yore Festive Tarts Cookery Book

Dear All,

Hello and Merry Christmas fun to all! “A Curious History of Sex” is now funded and will definitely be published! Hurrah!! 


All pledges over 100% are the profit and I am splitting mine with Basis Sex Work Project in Leeds - a charity who do some amazing work supporting sex Workers across the industry, and delivering street outreach to the most vulnerable.

Here is my Christmas present to you...

We are currently at 105% funded and if we manage to hit 110% before Christmas then everyone who pledged will receive a completely free e-book - “Whores of Yore Festive Tarts!” Allow me to explain...

My mum is an amazing cook and even published the odd cookery book back in the day. She had put together 10 of her own takes on famous tart recipes and I have matched each one with a famous historical tart! So we have Nell Gwynn Tart, MataHari Tart and so forth. Each recipe has a brief biography of the historical Tart in question to accompany the yummy puddings! 

So please keep pledging and not only will you get a copy of the book, and a free original tart recipe cookbook - but you can know that your money is going to help support some hugely important work!

Thank you so much.

Kate   .

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Peter Jones
 Peter Jones says:

Well done Kate. And Merry Christmas xx

posted 18th December 2017

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