A Curious History of Sex

By Kate Lister

A cornucopia of giggles, gaffs, titillation, temptations, and exceptional expertise in all things historically sexual from Dr Kate Lister aka @Whores of Yore.

Monday, 30 October 2017

We’re at 69% funded!!

A quick video from Slutty Teddy and I to say thank you so much for all your support.

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Peter Jones
 Peter Jones says:

Congratulations xxx

posted 30th October 2017

Martin Brown
 Martin Brown says:

So looking forward to this!

posted 30th October 2017

Alan Fairley
 Alan Fairley says:

honoured to meet the obvious brains behind all of the good work ... Slutty Teddy! Alan

posted 30th October 2017

Rae Kelcou
 Rae Kelcou says:

Well done, Kate. You did the hard work, we're just doing a little light dusting ...

posted 30th October 2017

Denise Woolley
 Denise Woolley says:

I can't wait to read it! You're doing the hard work while we get the pleasure of reading. Thanks!

posted 30th October 2017

Donald Blevins
 Donald Blevins says:

Thank you for doing the hard work. I can hardly wait to see it!

posted 31st October 2017

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