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Saturday, 15 July 2017

Torch Song

Hello dearest CULL cohort,

The wonderful news is that this very week we have hit 63% of total!


THANK YOU, each and every one, for your generous pledges and your continued and inspirational support. It is amazing to think how far we have come and how it will now take just £4,100 to hit the target and for you to all have actual copies of CULL in your hands!

This means so much to me as I have been struggling rather these last couple of months with Grace’s retirement. Losing her has been a severe body blow. A physical extinguishing leading to my diminishing – a catastrophic breath eating f*** up…to put it mildly. I had not really thought through the ramifications of losing my buddy, my guide and co-conspirator of nearly 8 years.  I had no idea she was my mental armour too. Through the newly torn Grace-hole come all the old insecurities, bundling in like wasps into a cream tea. (I may, if brave enough,  go into more detail in the blog on my own website - )

However, all will be well and Grace is very happy. Her new family are wonderful. Their kitchen smells of warm biscuits, fresh coffee and saddle soap. They have a grassy garden, a pond for the dogs to impersonate hippos in in the heat and wide open fields all around. They have lots of love to give and are close enough and kind enough to allow me visitation as often as is sensible.

I know I am not the only one having a difficult time.  In the wake of the last election and insidious onset of Brexit, many of us have been left feeling even less secure, less visible, voiceless. We pick our way cautiously through the detritus and rubble left in the wake of the last decade of austerity, picking over the now ‘apparently needless’ damage caused to the NHS, schools, local services, to disabled people, carers, to the vulnerable – to us all.   To me, the Grenfell Tower fire seemed a physical manifestation of this society’s growing contempt for compassion and equality.  Where the Olympic Torch represents the light of spirit, knowledge and life, Grenfell is the violent opposite, a dark furnace of all-consuming greed, contempt and deliberate ignorance. 

CULL is just a novel, a bundle of words I plaited into slow-burning fuse of my own but maybe, just maybe, it might ignite something positive in a reader’s heart, shine a light in that now cold and ashy darkness that is clouding so many hearts and heads.

And we are getting closer!

How about we make a deal that we get this novel in the bag by the end of summer?  I say let’s call a deadline and hit our total by the end of September and have this edited and on the way to the presses by November 18th!  Who’s in?!

I'm In, Tanvi! Let's do it!!!!

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