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Middle-aged, VI Woman in Death-Defying Five Cartwheel Celebration Stunner! (Viewer discretion advised).

Sunday, 30 April 2017


Thank you so much much to everyone who has pledged and shared!  In the pre-election climate, now more than ever, we need voices from the disabled community, voices that inspire debate, laughter and empathy. CULL is one such voice!

Please, my friends, if you believe in the novel, in us, keep spreading the word. Would a company, charity or institution you are connected to be interested in pledging, perhaps? How about for a author-talk or for a full day creative writing workshop on subjects such as 'Writing for Social Change' or 'Creative Writing for Well-Being'?  Fancy a cheese and wine evening ? A read for your book club? If you have someone; individual, company, charity, institution etc. in mind, feel free to email or tweet me and I will be so happy to follow up and make contact. More information, ideas,  blogs etc. from Grace and I on my website:

And the icing on this wee blog cake...(okay, okay... in truth its definitely NOT icing.  It is more like that jar of salad dressing you have had in your fridge for so long you can no longer tell if it is a safe to eat or not), and in celebration of our getting to half-way, here is a, thankfully short,  video of me taking on the cartwheel challange given by one of my lovely and possibly a tad sadistic, supporters.  It isn't pretty viewing but it is one way to say 'HOORAH AND THANK YOU'.

(Grace was too embarressed to be in shot. She is currently making the most of her retirement, walking with her pals, snoozing where she shouldn't on various sofas and generally Being More Dog.)

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Jennie Brunton
Jennie Brunton says:

Hats off T that is f****** amazing. Can't wait to see what you do when you reach 100%! Jxx

May 03, 2017

Tanvir Bush
Tanvir Bush says:

I might do 10 cartwheels with a glass of prosecco on each wheel....? Hmmmm any ideas Jennie?

May 06, 2017

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