By Tanvir Bush

A fabulous, funny, sharp, outrageous satire about the deadly dark side of discrimination

Monday, 26 November 2018

Heading to your door!

Whar a journey we are on together! The special editions of CULL are out and if you haven't got yours yet, you will have soon! Do contact Unbound if you are worried it might have flown to a different address or got lost! 

It is hard to believe that there are people now gently creaking open the freshly printed editions and beginning to read... When you get to the end, do fill in the survey online (the link is in the Author's blurb st the back!)

We are beginning to think and plan for the events around the official launch on January 24th - as well as ensuring you all get any extras you may have pledged for!  I have a new research assistant and guide, Mizie (-Bushie) who, although a youngster, is already doing marvellous things. Here she is double checking that I have signed all the copies in the right place...! 

In case you were wondering, Grace has met Mitzie. She pretended not to be impressed. 'Too pup-full' she said. 'Immature' she said but this slightly muffled as she was holding her favourite teddy in her gob!


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