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Monday, 16 January 2017

Atacama January


Dear friends and supporters,                                           

I am very happy to say that today we are at 29%! Thank you all so very much for your wonderful support.  At this rate, and with your continued encouragement, I believe we can hit the half way post by the first of February!

This is very exciting for me, especially since I raised the stakes by casually pronouncing to the world that I would renounce alcohol until we hit our target 100%!  Given that I was most likely conceived in a haze of decent  cabernet sauvignon and drip fed on Malawi-gin sundowners until tall enough to mix my own cocktails, this is more than your average ‘dry January’.  This is Atacama desert January (driest place on earth apparently. I googled.)

 For the moment my liver and all things internal rejoice and I am beginning to have the odd occasional urge to eat super green miso soup and sun-blushed tabbouleh.  Yesterday I almost skipped to the gym and today I caught myself smiling at people through the murky rain – without caring if they smiled back.

However, on January 20th when that strutting, fretting idiot ascends to the stage, all sound and fury, I strongly suspect that I shall become slightly less enamoured of my noble desisting. I shall start looking at my odd assortment of left over Christmas wine with a less (ironically) jaundiced eye.  I shall begin to hear ice chinking in my sleep. Scary times. I expect that we will all need gin by March so please folks, let us ensure that this book is pledged to the hilt by then!

p.s. you may find this helpful over the next few months...Tx




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