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A fabulous, funny, sharp, outrageous satire about the deadly dark side of discrimination

Alex has a problem. Categorized as one of the disabled, dole-scrounging underclass, she is finding it hard to make ends meet. Now, in her part time placement at the local newspaper, she’s stumbled onto a troubling link between the disappearance of several homeless people, the new government Care and Protect Bill and the sinister extension of the Grassybanks residential home for the disabled, elderly and vulnerable. Can she afford the potential risk to herself and her wonderful guide dog Chris of further investigation?

Maggie Gee has written of this novel: 'Where is the satirist we need now, with the welfare state in chaos and politics a TV reality show? She is the fabulous, funny, sharp, outrageous Tanvir Bush, and Britain must read her. With a dauntless but sympathetic heroine, one of the best dog characters in literature and a disabled escort service called the Ladies' Defective Agency, this witty and all too believable novel is a 2017 inheritor of the satirical genius of Lindsay Anderson's Britannia Hospital and Anthony Burgess's Clockwork Orange.'

'Laugh and weep! With wit, flair and imagination, Tanvir Bush unfolds the secret life of a nation on benefits. Our nation....' Fay Weldon

Dr Tanvir Bush is a novelist and film-maker/photographer. Born in London, she lived and worked in Lusaka, Zambia, setting up the Willie Mwale Film Foundation, working with minority communities, street-kids and people affected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Her feature documentary ‘Choka!- Get Lost!’. was nominated for the Pare Lorenz Award for social activism in film in 2001. She returned to UK to study and write and her first novel Witch Girl was published by Modjaji Books, Cape Town in 2015. She is the designer and facilitator of the Corsham Creative Writing Laboratory initiative and an Associate Lecturer at Bath Spa University in Creative Writing. She is based in Wiltshire with her guide dog and research assistant, Grace.

Job Central: in which Alex asks for help and is punished.

From the crossing point at the bottom of the bridge you can gaze left along the glittering punt-strewn river towards the colleges, ancient and modern, or turn to your right to Peter’s Green with its tennis courts, green playing fields and towering horse chestnut trees. Unless circumstances say otherwise, there is no need to look over the bridge to where Job Central is conveniently shielded by a high bank topped with fences and thick bushes. This is a good thing, as Job Central is one of the ugliest buildings in the city.

It’s an imposing five-storey rectangular building with small windows. There is a sullen greyness to its exterior, and the elaborate frontage, a series of ramps and sharp concrete steps, is confusing and, for the less mobile, potentially dangerous. As Chris guides Alex carefully into the building her sight dims; her addled rod and cone cells, unable to process light properly, cannot cope with a sudden change from sun to shade. Back come the teasing shifting shadows through which she can just make out another cat’s cradle of ropes criss-crossing the lobby and a couple of small signs she can’t read. Chris can’t read either, and although there are several people in the various queues watching Alex, no one says a word. She can make out people’s outlines but not faces, and scans around until she happens upon what she presumes, by the cracking radio and stance, is a bored security guard.


Middle-aged, VI Woman in Death-Defying Five Cartwheel Celebration Stunner! (Viewer discretion advised).

Sunday, 30 April 2017

Img 1682


Thank you so much much to everyone who has pledged and shared!  In the pre-election climate, now more than ever, we need voices from the disabled community, voices that inspire debate, laughter and empathy. CULL is one such voice!

Please, my friends, if you believe in the novel, in us, keep spreading the word. Would a company, charity or institution you are connected…

'I, Daniel Blake'!

Monday, 17 April 2017

I  daniel blake film poster

A Packed Auditorium...

...for the first screening of the award winning film, 'I Daniel Blake'. Several people, some visably disraught in the wake of the film's difficult themes about the inhumanity of the current wefare system, joined us for a 'debriefing' discussion.  We were lucky enough to have Suzanne Wigmore from Citizens Advice Bureau on hand to give direction and information on the local…

Urgent Updates from Tanvi and Grace!

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

A Little More Grace!

Monday, 20 March 2017

Short Film Addition to Previous Post!

This lovely very short film was made this Sunday by Janice Boswell, guide dog pupy walker extraordinaire! We were on the Corsham and Chippenham Guide dog Volunteer Branch dog walk and had over 23 dogs: working, retired and puppy guide dogs and multitude motley others.  I have recently found out that Grace, who had such a tough time with illnes last summer…

Creating Chris!

Monday, 20 March 2017

Corsham book shop 1 ms

 The Meaning of LIFE! 42%

You WONDERFUL bunch! Thanks to all of your generous support we have now hit 42% and the half way point can be spotted, flags waving, just over the next hill! THANK YOU so much for believing in this novel and its potential!

There has been much going on!  Two weeks ago I gave a presentation to the Empathy and Writing Group at Bath Spa University. The theme was ‘Animals…

Raise an eyebrow, friend!

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Img 1253

Today has been a muddy grey, the whole world a bleak concrete and mucky caramel, sodden mistiness and a dusting of dandruff snow that never settled.  Of all the things I bash through when it comes to visual impairment, the steady draining away of colour is the hardest to reconcile with.

It also the hardest to explain partly because colour and how we experience it, like smell and taste, is so subjective…

Corsham Talking - radio interview from this morning.

Monday, 30 January 2017

Peacock rising 1

Hello to all my wonderful supporters,

Just to let you know, following from my previous post, all is well with us and I am waiting to hear back from the police and will then organise to visit the school. Thank you for all the calls and kind messages of support!  They were greatly appreciated! Keeping the writing brief as below is a link to a local radio interview I did this morning. I am in at 19…

Peddling Hate Crime

Monday, 23 January 2017


I was going to blog about the weekend and the ascendency of the Ghastly Orange Man to the White House, the Women’s March and our hitting 32% of our target! I was going to… but then today, as I drift back from a rather half hearted gym session, enjoying the bright haze of sun and the crisp cold air, I am nearly run down by two young men on one bike, one peddling, one leaning over the handlebars. They…

Lovely write up in the Wiltshire Gazette and Herald!

Thursday, 19 January 2017

And we hit 31% this morning! A huge thank you and proper blog this weekend,

And if anyone wants to read my views on tree climbing and diaabled access please head straight to my recent blog for Disability Rights UK…

Atacama January

Monday, 16 January 2017

Shakespeare insult kit


Dear friends and supporters,                                           

I am very happy to say that today we are at 29%! Thank you all so very much for your wonderful support.  At this rate, and with your continued encouragement, I believe we can hit the half way post by the first of February!

This is very exciting for me, especially since I raised the stakes by casually pronouncing to…

How it all works!

Saturday, 17 December 2016

Img 5745

Right now, Grace my guide dog is out with her pal, Maisie. Last time she was out with that pup she came back having saturated herself in some of the worst smelling swill infused stagnant water in Wiltshire. I attempted to bath her and she escaped and shook poo-ey water and baby shampoo across the entire flat. And she wonders why we don't have visitors...

(Photo by Kerry: pretty young golden lab…

'Cull' is launched!

Friday, 16 December 2016

Img 0624

Hello all and welcome!  I am absolutely delighted to be launching my novel 'CULL' with Unbound!  Over the next few weeks I will be sharing the process of creating and developing my novel, occasional excerpts, the back ground to and the reasons why I wanted to write such a book in the first place.  Meet me here for all updates and I look forward to your thoughts and feedback!

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