Crow Court

By Andy Charman

A novel of short stories set in Wimborne Minster, Dorset, in the 19th century.

Wednesday, 4 March 2020

Crow Court: The Cover Revealed!

Dear Subscribers,


As the first days of March pass us, spring is finally beginning to make an appearance. Evenings are little lighter, daffodils litter the roadsides and there is even (sometimes) a little warmth in the air. It’s a time for new life and re-growth; vicars up and down the country are composing their sermons accordingly. Not to mention marketing executives working similar themes into their advertising campaigns.

So, in keeping with the season, new buds are emerging on the Crow Court project. Since the last update, we have not been at all idle. We have been editing the finer points of the text, weeding out the inconsistencies and oddities. We have also been working on the text design and layout and I am really delighted with the way the pages look. They have a lovely aged feel to them, but they’re clear and uncluttered. And there is now a cover design too. It was created by Leo Nikkols who also designed the cover of North Water, by Ian Mcguire. I was delighted by this connection, because I adored North Water, and loved its cover. He’s a talented designer and illustrator.

I’m told that when the cover design was first revealed, there was a collective gasp of excitement from the team at Unbound.  I can imagine. I think it is simply gorgeous.

Some time ago, I used to liken Crow Court to a restoration project. That is, I wasn’t trying to replicate a nineteenth century novel, but I was trying to get the feel and the tone of rural Victorian England. So it was like restoring and old Victorian house—using as much authentic and original material as possible, while moulding it to modern tastes and sensibilities—central heating, a fridge, absence of servants, etc. Along with the page design, I think the cover fits perfectly with that ethos. It is undoubtedly modern, but very clear in its references to the nineteenth century. It hints at moments in the story and manages to convey something of the mildly sinister mood. As covers go, I would be very happy to be judged by this one. See what you think.

Regards, Andy


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Geoffrey Gudgion
 Geoffrey Gudgion says:

That's outstanding, Andy. The crow's skull is a stroke of genius.

posted 4th March 2020

Ian Chester
 Ian Chester says:

You’re such a tease Andy

posted 4th March 2020

Andy Charman
 Andy Charman says:

Ah Ian! If you think this is a tease, you should see the publication date! Suffice it to say Unbound are planning quite a long build-up!

posted 5th March 2020

Andy Charman
 Andy Charman says:

Hi Geoffrey, thanks for your constant support! It's an arresting image, isn't it? Very clver designer.

posted 5th March 2020

Nigel & Maggie Charman
 Nigel & Maggie Charman says:

Arresting cover!

posted 8th March 2020

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