Crow Court

By Andy Charman

A novel of short stories set in Wimborne Minster, Dorset, in the 19th century.

Sunday, 12 May 2019

Crow Court Nearly

It seems about the right time for a quick update about Crow Court. Funding has now reached 84% so I’m hoping it will be complete by the end of the month. With this in mind Unbound are offering a 10% discount on pledges, so if there’s anyone you think might be interested, please pass this on. The discount code is ALMOST.

I’ve learned a great deal over the past few months, some aspects of which I hope to use in the future. I had no idea when I started out, for example, that Wimborne Minster has its own literary festival. It’s on right now if you’re interested. It runs from 11th to 18th of May and features some really interesting authors.

Wimborne also has a bi-annual history festival. Festivals seem to be the thing. Even Sturminster Newton has its own literary festival. That comes up on June 15th

Perhaps more of a surprise was learning that Wimborne Minster has its own radio station. I have heard them use the phrase “Downtown Wimborne,” which conjures some strange images, but… who knew?

Meanwhile, let me please repeat my thanks to everyone who has pledge support to Crow Court. I'm now beginning to get very excited about the prospect of being fully funded and moving into the production process. I shall try to keep you informed and up-to-date without becoming an email spam-pest. Have a grand summer!

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Lynne McVernon
 Lynne McVernon says:

Congratulations, Andy. Excellent progress.

posted 13th May 2019

Andy Charman
 Andy Charman says:

Thanks Lynne. And a quick apology to anyone trying to use the discount code. It is ALMOST, not 'nearly' as I posted originally.

posted 13th May 2019

Rebecca LLoyd
 Rebecca LLoyd says:

Oh, that's great, Andy. Best of luck over the last little bit!

posted 13th May 2019

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