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I thoroughly enjoyed this book! Andy Charman places me right in Dorset in the 1800s, and his writing is so engaging that I feel like I am immersed in that community, in its sights, sounds, scents, fascinating characters and dynamics. When I read it, I feel like I am fully transported to another time and place. The writing is deep and descriptive of both the inner and outer experiences of all of the characters. The characters are richly developed, and I feel like we are gifted with a window into their souls, through Andy’s perceptive and powerful writing. The interrelationships of the characters is stunning, and it is so intriguing to watch their interdependent lives unfold, amongst all of the unexpected twists and turns. If you are longing for a book to become completely immersed in, look no further. Thanks, Andy Charman, for a book that feeds my soul, in a time in which I really need that. I can’t wait to read Crow Court again, to catch all of the brilliant subtleties that I have undoubtedly missed in the first read!
Publication date: January 2021
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