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Monday, 5 March 2018

Hi there,

I just wanted to write and say such a huge huge thank you for supporting my book. It means so much to me that so many people have already contributed and although there's still a way to go it all feels much more possible now! 

I've taken the week away from my normal desk to focus on the book this week so am currently sitting in Forest Gate library in East London plotting chapters and writing away and I feel like I have all of your hands on my shoulders, so that's nice. I'm going to try and share another little extract at the end of this week. And if there are ideas or things you'd like to hear about then I'd love your suggestions. At 64 Million Artists we always put co-creation at the heart of what we do, so although I'm not expecting you to write the book you've already paid for, if it can be tailored to suit the people who want it, all the better.

If you know of anyone else that might support us please do tweet/email/leave a hand-drawn note for a stranger - the page is https://unbound.com/books/creative/. If all of you told 2 more people who pledged, we would reach our target. We have a big meeting with a sponsor on the 15th March so the more we can up the pledges by then, and persuade them to fill in the rest, the nearer we'll be and the quicker you'll get your book! 

Thanks so much again, it really does mean the world to me.

All the very best,

Jo x


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