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Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Dear lovely supporters,

The eagle eyed amongst you may have spotted we’ve been relatively quiet on the book front recently. We had a great start to the crowdfunding campaign but quickly found that managing our regular workload which is really busy this time of year, and running a full on campaign like this wasn’t working together.

Combined with some personal stuff I have happening at home I wanted to be sensible about not making the book another thing to worry about so we’ve put things on hold for now. I am so so passionate and excited about writing this book but I am more passionate about the wellbeing of me, my family and my team and so running a massive campaign right now is not something we can manage. I am still writing and collecting thoughts - these are the things I love! But the crowd funding alongside the launch of 2 huge new projects, our ongoing work and lots of other things besides is a bit too much. And since the book is about nurturing your creativity it would feel counterproductive to push ourselves to do something that’s affecting our ability to do that.

The page will still remain open and people can pledge but we’re aiming to relaunch the crowdfunding campaign properly in a few months. I am sorry this means you will probably get your books later but I hope you will enjoy it when it comes. 

Thanks again for being such great supporters,


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