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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

The future of literacy

A couple of weeks ago we got to present the Creative Super Powers overview to an audience of over 200 people. I am delighted to say that the feedback was excellent and all bodes well for the book which is starting to take shape nicely.

You can see the deck from the night here and there is a great deeper write up of the event here by the Young Creative Council. Stealing some things from that piece here are some of the key highlights from the evening:

Hacking is all about the disruptive mindset - being able to do things that many people wouldn’t even think were possible.

Making is about finding time to play so you can create happy accidents. And also about doing stuff. Whether that’s having to wake up at 4 in the morning to live stream on periscope to the other side of the world, or immersing yourself in the latest technology. You need to take yourself out of your comfort zone.

Teaching is learning by doing. It is being inspired by everyone around you irrelevant of their seniority or experience. And you can learn from the simplest of things - Scott has been learning the power of negotiation from his daughter.

Thieving is an art and a very valuable tool. The surgeon, Professor Martin Elliot, improved the teamwork within cardiac care by consulting and working with Formula 1 pit stop teams. By using their expertise and copying elements of how they worked, he changed the way that operations were done, resulting in a massive improvement in results.

But if there was one quote that summarised exactly why we are writing the book and why we believe it will represent THE creativity manual to help you thrive in this new age of creativity, it is this (thanks Scott):

Thanks again for all your support. And please don't forget to share the book with as many people as you can. The sooner we get to 100%, the sooner we can get the book in your hands.

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