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Thursday, 12 January 2017

Thanks and FAQs

Happy New Year to all our supporters and a massive thanks for believing in us. We have always been super excited by the idea of writing a book about the new Creative Super Powers of Hacking, Making, Teaching and Thieving and it is lovely to hear that so many of you are just as excited about reading it. We have pulled together an amazing collection of contributors and we can’t wait to read their essays and share them with you.

In the meantime we have had a few questions, here are the answers to the most frequently asked:

When can I expect to get my book?

As the book is being crowd funded, we have not actually finished writing it yet. However we have everyone in place ready to start writing as soon as we hit 50% (our first major landmark). This will ensure we can start working with the Editorial and Production team at Unbound as soon as we hit 100% and you can get the hardback as soon as possible and you will get the ebook even sooner (as soon as it goes to press in fact). The faster we get funded and the more we are overfunded, the quicker the process will be. So please do continue to share the campaign with anyone you think might be interested.

Who is the book aimed for?

Anyone who is interested in becoming a better creative problem solver. While our previous books have been focused around advertising, this is aimed at a much wider business audience even if it’s roots are still in the creative industries.

How does this book relate to your previous book?

While our previous book was entitled Hacker, Maker Teacher, Thief, the title was simply taken from pulling out some of the themes that came up in what was ostensibly a book about the future of advertising. But after we launched the book, we realised that the skills in the title were extremely powerful and needed to be explored further. And as we did so, we realised that they represented something quite powerful and that fundamentally they represented the skills that everyone needs to thrive in this new age of creativity.

This book will explore these skills in detail, not only bringing them to life through stories but also in providing practical workshops for you to practice and develop.

I am interested in visiting London Zoo with Mark Earls, what can I expect? And when is it?

You will be spending an afternoon, along with another 11 creative minded people, to explore what you can learn from watching people watch animals watching people. This session is one that Mark has only previously done for the School of Life and we can’t recommend it enough. You can hear what to expect from the man himself here. Only 9 spots left.

The session is likely to be in the summer and we will find a date that best works for everyone who has signed up.

I am interested in the Street Wisdom session, what does it entail? And where and when is it?

Street Wisdom is a powerful, three-hour guided experience that uses the streets as an invisible university. In this session, David Pearl, the founder and one of our contributors will teach you how to use the street to help you solve any problems you have. I did it for the first time last year and absolutely loved it (one of the best training sessions I have done in my career). You can read a little more about what happened at that session here. Only 2 spots left.

The session will be held in Hoxton and is likely to be in spring /summer. Basically we will find a date that best works for everyone who has signed up.

I have already pledged but have decided to take one of the more expensive pledges. Can I upgrade?
Absolutely. Just go into your account and select the pledge and you will see that you can upgrade by simply paying the difference.

It is worth noting that we are planning on adding new pledges over the next few weeks so do look out for further updates.

I want a bespoke pledge. Is that possible?

Totally fine. Just contact me (daniele[at] and we can create something that works for you.

I want to make a pledge for a workshop but need to be invoiced?

No problem. Just contact me (daniele[at] and we can sort it out for you.


Hope these answers are helpful. If you have any further questions, then feel free to e-mail me (daniele[at] or tweet us (@creativesocial).

In the meantime look out for new updates as we go along and please do share



Co-founder, Creative Social

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