Creative Super Powers

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The Modern Skillset for Creative Problem Solving

Publication date: June 2018
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About the book

Edited by Laura Jordan Bambach, Mark Earls, Daniele Fiandaca and Scott Morrison

“I’d rather have an economy built on ideas and creativity rather than routine” Kevin Kelly

We believe that we are about to enter a new Age of Creativity that will require a new set of super heroes to help the world thrive.

This book is aimed at making you one of those creative super heroes by helping you unlock and unleash your nascent creative super powers.

But before we do we need to find a way for you to remember what it was like to be a child. So go find a LEGO set and starting build off plan. Remember what it was like to be naturally creative (in the absence of a Lego set go to Youtube and watch the closing scene of the Lego movie -

How do you feel? Did it remind you of a time when life did not get in the way and everything was possible? A time when your imagination would run rife and it was easy to imagine yourself as a super hero. What was your super power? Flying the at the speed of light, X-ray vision, invisibility or the ability to turn your brussel sprouts into ice cream.

This book is about unlocking many of the key traits lost during childhood (such a fearlessness and curiousity) as well as unlocking new powers to help you solve your biggest business problems.

We’ll uncover the four biggest super powers:

Hacking - how becoming a hacker helps you tackle problems in different ways.

Making - how ‘Making’ opens up new parts of the brain

Teaching – how teaching yourself and others consolidates experience in a fast-paced world

Thief – how looking to what already exists helps you solve your problems.

We have also pulled in some of the existing super heroes we admire who are already solving problems in new and interesting ways to help bring to life the four areas of ‘Hacking, Making, Teaching and Copying’, which we believe represent the modern skillset for creative problem solving.

But, that’s not all.

As David Eriksson explains, the best learning is by doing. So we conclude this book with a set of workshops to allow you to hone your new super powers.

We set out with the aim of writing the most relevant book in the world right now for creative problem solvers across all industries. We hope that you can help us create a new set of super heroes who are going to help build better business and cultures. As Construction Guy says to Mr Business: “You are the most talented, most interesting and the most extraordinary person in the Universe. And you are capable of amazing things. Because you are the special”.

So avengers - go hack, make, teach and copy. Let’s make everything awesome.

Daniele Fiandaca

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