How To Be A Craftivist: the art of gentle protest

By Sarah Corbett

Learn how to do activism in a slow, kind and beautiful way using craft

Sunday, 2 February 2020

Together, let's make hope possible not despair convincing this 2020


Dearest Craftivists and friends 

I'm excited for 2020! The solutions to climate crisis are so wonderful: clean air, more trees popping up all over cities, towns and as many places as possible, valuing our precious planet instead of taking it for granted... 



Timing is everything. It's a vital year to campaign to solve the climate crisis especially for UK based campaigners since our government is co-hosting the UN Climate Summit (COP26) in Glasgow this November. With lots of eyes from world leaders, news outlets on what the UK is doing (not just saying) we all have a powerful role to play to encourage politicians, businesss leaders and the public to progress towards being part of the solutions to a healthier planet rather than part of the problem. 



Let's make 2020 the year Craftivist Collective can focus on sending so much love, encouragment and belief in our global community to be on the right side of history and literally(!) save our world. Will you #AdoptACraftivist this 2020 for £10 a month or a one off donation of £120 to help me deliver my Climate Craftivists plans with the growng and global Craftivist Collective? With so much demand and thirst for our unique and effective 'Gentle Protest' approach together we can 

  1. Deliver more 'intimate activism' direct to powerholders in business reminding them of all the realistic and positive changes they can make to be part of solving the climate crisis. We know from our Neuroscientist-in-Residence Dr Rae that our handmade and bespoke 'good surprise' gifts produce dopamine in the reciever which helps us become their crital friend holiding them to account in a loving way rather than being seen as ggressive enemies they avoid. 
  2. Deliver more climate craftivism events and resources to attract and train more shy, anxious, introverted and highly sensitive people to be gentle climate changemakers by celebratiting and valuing their quietly powerfully traits vital for the climate movement but often not nurtured 
  3. Mobilise the craft community (including craftSTARS and influencers) to be part of a new public craftivism project this summer that not only engages people with hope and beautiful offline but also online and through the media 
  4. And I can continue to support individual craftivists, groups and charities around the world with my free strategy advice and resources to help them be as effective as possible with their craftivism. 

With huge appreciation I will happily post you (wherever you are in the world) our beautiful, exclusive and limited edition Craftivist Collective 2019 Yearbook only available to #AdoptACraftivist patrons to read what we achieved list year and what we can build on. You will also recieve the 2020 Yearbook in time for #BlueMonday in January 2021 to snuggle up with and be proud reading what we have achieved together this year that hopefully future generations will be proud of too :) 


So, what do you think? Can you help Climate Craftivists around the world help save our fragile planet in a gentle, positive, empowering, beautiful, kind and just way by adopting me, your humble craftivist keen to serve the cause? 

Your one off donation of £120 can be sent via Paypal or Visa/Debit here:

You can set up a paypal or direct debit for £10 a month for 12 months here:


Together let's make hope possible not despair convincing!:)  


All my love and solidarity in saving our precious home,


Author and Founder of Craftivist Collective 



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Michele Day
 Michele Day says:

I live in smokey Sydney in Randwick in East Sydney. Is there a craft activist group locally or NSW I could join please? Know of group on south Coast who've formed a choir to go sit outside local council and sing songs to shame climate denier council members and raise spirits of Eurobodalla Shire who list so much to bushfire season due to climate change.

posted 4th February 2020

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