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Thursday, 28 June 2018

The power of podcasts: some summer holiday suggestions (& a little request for please please)

Dear readers, 

I hope you are well, happy and have a holiday booked to enjoy this Summer. Thanks to the readers who have shared images with me @craftivists of themselves with their #HowToBeACraftivist book on holiday. I love recieving them, reading your thoughtful mini reviews and then seeing the comments underneath from your own followers keen to find out more about how to be a gentle protester. 

So this little post is about podcasts. I love how intimate it can be to listen to a podcast whether on a train, on the morning commute or late at night at home. Just you and a handful of voices in your ears, quietly and often deeply discussing important issues. If you're an avid listener of a particular podcast and think fellow listeners might enjoy hearing about my book please do suggest me to the producers to help spread 'Gentle Protest' to the masses around our fragile world:) 


Below are a few of the varied podcasts I've been on this year talking about my book and ethos. All of the invites came about because listeners of the shows suggesting me as an interviewee (via twitter or email mostly = the wonders of the internet hey!?). You can see below that each podcast has it's own unique focus and audience.  I hope you spot one episode in the list below that resonates with you and you enjoy. Please do share any of the links below with loved ones you think might find them useful.  


Some episodes were recorded via Skype conversations late at night (time differences heeheehe) in my little rented flat and some in person over a cuppa with me trying desperately not to slurb my tea next to the microphone. I really enjoy podcast interviews so if you do listen to any podcasts that you think my story and book could be useful to fellow listeners please do email, tweet, facebook or instagram them directly saying something like "Hey @[podcast name] I love your podcast. You should totally invite Sarah @craftivists on to talk about #HowToBeACraftivist and #GentleProtest :)" and I can then take it from there. As a listener you really do have much more power and influence than me cold contacting them directly - I would be so grateful for your help with this and hopefully it's only a few seconds of your time to plant a seed that than then sproud through the cracks of the darkness we often see in our world...


All my love, gratitude for your support, and best wishes for happy holidays

From your little craftivist xxx

Sounds Good with Branden Harvey - Episode here (focuses on good news in the world)

A USA based podcast all about positive news in our world and how to tackle injustice with kindness. My episdoe went live on 1st January 2018 with host Branden keen to start the new year with hope, positivity and action. Personally I loved Branden interviewing me - he had clearly read my book cover to cover, asked such thoughtful questions and we discussed very tangible ways people can gently make positive change in the USA, UK and around the world. 


League of Extraordinary Introverts Podcast - Episode here (focuses on introvert activism)

Australian Katherine MacKenzie-Smith is a  business and leadership coach, writer and speaker championing introverts and highly sensitive leaders to find their own way to shine. In this episode we focus on the different strengths introverts and HSPs have that we can bring to activism to compliment not compete with more extrovert activism so we can all be part of the positive change we wish to see in our messy world. 


Book Shambles with Josie Long & Robin Ince - Episode here (focuses on books we love)


Recorded in a London Studio. Comedian Josie Long is one of the Unbound Backers with her name in the back of this book. Here we discuss my book as well as some of the books that inspire me in my work and life from Rebecca Solnit's Hope in the Dark and Patty Smitth's M Train to Daniel Goleman's Emotional Intelligence and Martin Luther King Jnr's Strength to Love amongst others. I think I've even converted Robin Ince to have a go at one of my craftivism kits in this episode :) 


Nomad podcast - Episode here (focuses on Christianity in action)

Recorded in my kitchen (apparently the acoustics where better than on my sofa), I discuss with Tim how my Gentle Protest methodology links to the Christian believes of love, forgiveness, beauty and more. I particularly love the little reflection they do at the end without me there about a week after interviewing me discussing the issues raised in retrospect. Fascinating. 


Conscious Chatter - Episode here (focuses on sustainable fashion) 

Ketrel created the podcast Conscious Chatter to open the door to conversations about our clothing + the layers of stories, meaning and potential impact connected to what we wear. A venue that allows us to continue to learn more about the garment industry and how we can all be a bigger part of positive change in the industry. 


Partly Political Broadcast - Episode here (focuses on UK current affairs especially Brexit and how to respond with positive action)

Host Tiernan Douieb asked his listeners who he should interview to talk who is making positive change in our world that foucses on the light in the dark and also was candid about how he needed more female voices on his show. One listener recommended me and my work and we had a lovely Skype just before Christmas 2017. 


What podcast do you think I should be interviewed on next? :) 


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Hi Sarah
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OnBeing podcast is fab, contact them via
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