How To Be A Craftivist: the art of gentle protest

By Sarah Corbett

Learn how to do activism in a slow, kind and beautiful way using craft

Monday, 11 December 2017

Presents with a positive purpose and ethically made = win win win!:)

To my lovely pledgers 

I hope you are well, warm and looking forward to a wonderful holiday on the horizon. 

I just wanted to send a little email with three reasons why you can help yourself and loved ones have a very merry craftivism crafternoon alone or with others during our happy holidays coming up (and/or read my  new book too obvs;p) 



  1. Make a difference: This gentle, thoughtful blend of craft and activism is a great way to attract people’s attention, lovingly challenge their thinking and encourage them to be a part of the positive change they want to see in our world .
  2. Gain a wellbeing boost: Not only is contributing to society an integral part of our the World Health Organisation’s definition of wellbeing, crafting in and of itself is a great way to slow down, reflect and recharge. Why not offer a ‘wellmaking’ gift to a loved one to use over the festive season. 
  3. Harness the opportunity between Christmas and New Year: It doesn’t have to be a blur of left over chocolates and comedy re-runs if you’ve got a new kit to stitch or an inspiring book on craftivism to read, and what better way to reflect on 2017 and prepare to be your best self in 2018?


All products are at 


DIY Craftivism gentle protest kits 

Accessible for even the most novice of crafters. All kits come with clear instructions, tips, questions to reflect ton whilst stitching and more. Find out more about each kit at This kit pictured gives 100% profits to Mind, the mental health charity and is available until March 2018. 


“I knew it [craftivism DIY kit supporting Mind] would be good, but when I opened it and read it I was blown away… having read the suggested letter to my MP I felt fired up again – not with anger but with hope, and a determination to be as compassionate, positive and kind as I can!… Thank you @craftivists for reminding me that kindness is infectious and powerful. Now, I’m off to get the How To Be A Craftivist book.” – @LondonCraftClub (via Instagram)


Tools to help hone the craft of gentle protest

To be an effective craftivist you need to use your heart and head as well as your hands. My new book (pictured above is some of the over 300 images on Instagram using #HowToBeACraftivist), my little book and our manifesto help you become the most effective and gentle change maker possible whether it’s to help you create your own craftivism projects or learn how to be more gentle in your activism in general. I can happily sign the books and wrap them for free for you too. Find them all here at


Adopt a Craftivist (me Sarah) for 2018...

Help the Craftivist Collective continue our transformational work with people personally and help groups and organisations protest political structures. This isn’t a new concept for activists – campaigners throughout history, from Martin Luther King and Gandhi to Peter Tatchell and Jack Monroe, have relied on the kindness of strangers and friends. Now I’m appealing to that same kindness to help keep the Craftivist Collective thriving. I send ‘Candid Craftivist’ emails to my adopters (you can adopt me on behalf of someone else) with updates on how your support has led to real change. More information here 

One adopter, Martin from 2017 said: “Congratulations, Sarah, This is such amazing work… I am more than happy to keep adopting you through 2018… This is one of the best uses of £10 a month I can imagine.”

All info here:


Deadlines for your delivery to arrive before 25th December. 

I need to recieve your order and payment before midnight on these dates please: 

UK 19th December
Ireland & France 15th December
Spain 14th December
USA & Canada  13th December
Poland, Italy & Germany 12th December
Australia & New Zealand 8th December
Japan & China 5th December

Place your order at

All my best wishes

Sarah x


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