How To Be A Craftivist: the art of gentle protest

By Sarah Corbett

Learn how to do activism in a slow, kind and beautiful way using craft

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Little by little we travel far...

Wow! I can't believe our book is out and about now. It feels so surreal to see it sitting beautifully on bookshelves in stores and it feels even more surreal seeing people read #HowToBeACraftivist in coffee shops (I have sneakily snapped some photos of them doing so just for my private photo collection hehe) or readers sharing their images of the book in their homes around the globe. Isn't it exciting to think your name is in the back of all of these books?!:) 


Thank you so much for your patience on this journey and I hope you are enjoying reading our book. I could stop there and sign off but... this is the start of a new chapter now not the end of a story! Now I need your help (again!) please but this time not to create the book but to help our book travel into the hands of people around the globe to read and reflect on and become gentle and creative protesters striving to be the change they wish to see in the world. I truly believe in this book as a tool for beautiful, kind and fair activism and hope you do too. Let's keep offering it to people who will find it useful and beautiful in their lives...


You might have spotted on social media that we've had press coverage in some beautiful magazines like The Simple Things, Psychologies magazine, X Stitch magazine and there will be more coverage coming out over the next few months we hope in print, online and radio coverage. I'll be travelling a lot promoting the book at events too. 


Can you help spread the word too? Word of mouth is move powerful than any press coverage. Please consider

  1. Posting a review on Amazon/Goodreads/Waterstones etc. Reviews are absolutely precious in marketing a book as readers increasingly turn to each other rather than mainstream reviewers.
  2. Can you pop a photo and comment and add #HowToBeACraftivist on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook etc? Apparently the most effective post includes the words 'please buy this book' (which makes me cringe but if it works...).
  3. Do you know of anyone who wants to improve our world but needs some direction, support and encouragement? A quick email recommending the book will support the book and hopefully improve their day too. 
  4. On my website you can order a book signed, wrapped and ribboned - a great present for friends and family. 
  5. Come long to one of our events or share with friends and acquaintences here:
  6. Do you have any contacts at book festivals, conferences that need speakers or with people who might be able to help expose our book to the masses? If so please email me on and let's work together to harness these platforms and people to help spotlight this book yeah?:)

This book only exists because of your generosity and belief in it. Come and join us in growing the #GentleProtest movement together... 

Thank YOU so much lovelies. All my gratitude and admiration

Sarah xxx



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Lynette Hibbert
 Lynette Hibbert says:

Will be buying a copy for Christmas gifts but will take some snaps and upload them. I've never written a review before so what a lovely book to pop my cherry on, so to speak!
Sadly my name didn't make it into the book so keep me updated and maybe I'll make it into your second tome!
I'm so inspired by your work and such a beautifully written book.
Thank you for putting it out there.

posted 19th October 2017

José Alejandro
 José Alejandro says:

Hi Sarah! wishing you a beautiful 2018

I backed the book but cant find the way to download my copy... Really wanna read it. please help?

posted 6th January 2018

José Alejandro
 José Alejandro says:

Sorry. Just found out how to download it! Its in your own Unbound profile, in case others had the same question as me. Thanks anyways

posted 6th January 2018

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