How To Be A Craftivist: the art of gentle protest

By Sarah Corbett

Learn how to do activism in a slow, kind and beautiful way using craft

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

I think I have the most unusual and changeMAKING gift you could give (to yourself or a loved one) this #ValentinesDay2019? Plus 5 positive reasons to choose it ;p


Dear #HowToBeACraftivist Backers :) 

Love is such a short word to say but it is often such a difficult word to practice when it comes to protest...

When we see harm being afflicted onto vulnerable people or our beautiful planet it's easier to hate, dehumanise and blame others for all of the harm we see in structures and systems stopping people and our planet from fulfilling their wonderful potential. In the short term reacting out of anger feels like much needed relief. A detox. Empowering even.

In the long term we all know that this unloving activism causes defensiveness, more division and even deafness to your important protest from the very people we want to join the solution. Whether it's protesting against a friend's harmful action or a politician's voting record we know deep down that we need to show love to make real transformational change. Tattooed on my shoulder are the words that Martin Luther King Jnr said that all activists need:

'a tough mind and tender heart'.

We need to clear the fog hatred creates in our brain so that we can be clear, focused and strategic activists. In equal measures we need a tender heart to treat people the way we want to be treated, keep dreaming for a better world for all and inspire others by being the loving role model we want everyone to be. 

This all sounds lovely doesn't it? But it also sounds abstract. It's so overwhelming to know what to do. I want to offer 5 reasons why one of the ways you can practice your love for your global neighbours and our fragile world is to 'adopt a craftivist' (me, Sarah) this Valentines Day as a gift for yourself, for a loved on or even for a group of loved ones and loving act that has ripple effects way beyond the £2.50 a week, £10 a month or one off payment of £120. This is one vital way to be a member of the Craftivist Collective that doesn't involve picking up your craft toolbox for once ;p


1. Help the Craftivist Collective survive: 


Often people are shocked that it's just me that runs the nuts & bolts of the Craftivist Collective (from my little rented studio apartment. With such a big global reach, a great reputation for delivering high quality impact and with more and more people, groups and organisations saying how our work has influenced their own activism people think that this automatically means money pours in but nope. It's just me kidz. By adopting me I can take one step closer to reaching the London Living Wage so that instead of worrying about money, rent, taking on paid work that might not be the most impactful work (or worse, might distract me from our important mission) I can focus on doing the most effective and strategic craftivism work needed to continuing to support, educate, inspire and empower you (hopefully!) fellow craftivists, activists and citizens around the world to become confident, compassionate and careful craftivists.

"With the way things are right now, I’d say it’s more important than ever to be an activist, and it’s also more important than ever to have a healing, gentle, and inclusive form of activism.'" 

- Craftivist Adopter Tom P



2. Help the Craftivist Collective thrive: 

With your support I can do more than survive, you can help the collective thrive, grow and build on the successes we’ve already achieved with the help of our 2018 adopters (helping Marks and Spencers increase their wages for 50,000 staff, helping WWF change a law in Spain to protect migrating birds, reaching millions of people online to support Fashion Revolution through our Mini Fashion Statements, helping people change their thoughts and actions… read all about it in our 2018 yearbook you will receive in the post as a beautiful ribboned and tagged magazine when you become an adopter yourself). There is so much to do, so many requests for help. I would love to afford to get help and I have a new idea I would love to turn into a project and kit that would complement our other projects and fill a gap I believe is needed. Intrigued? Help me create this positive project this year and more by adopting this obsessively radical craftivist! ;p

“We all know that the work Sarah does is powerful, inspiring and deeply timely… every day I am deeply impressed by Sarah’s work and what she is achieving. Supporting an inspiring changemaker is one of the most impactful things you can do. Please keep supporting Sarah, she’s amazing!"

- Rob Hopkins, Co-Founder of Transition Towns



3. Increase your own wellbeing: 


Did you know that the World Health Organisation says that wellbeing consists of 3 elements in equal parts: 1. Coping with daily stress. 2. Feeling that we can fulfil our own potential 3. Contributing to society. Often people say ‘I need to work on myself before I can help others'. The WHO says that is not entirely true. By helping others you are helping your own wellbeing. By being part of the Craftivist Collective and adopting me (Sarah) to help run it, I have no doubt you will feel inspired, empowered and even proud of what we can achieve together to contribute to society present and future. 

"Supporting Sarah to be the courageous presence she is in the world, gives me a deep sense of connection, rightness and delight… Sponsoring Sarah is one small and vital way I help ensure a living wage for the living hearts who are committed to a living planet.” 

- Craftivist Adopter Sophie H



4. Receive our exclusive yearbook through your letterbox in time to read on Valentines Day:

As a thank you for adopting me as a collective member, you will receive our exclusive (only for adopters) 2018 yearbook all ribboned up with a personally signed tag (I can address it to another name if you like with a bespoke message on the tag to make it an even more special gift for someone) showing what I’ve achieved in 2018 with the help of other fellow adopters. You will also receive our 2019 yearbook in time for 2020 Valentines Day showing what positive impact on our fragile world YOOOOU have helped achieve in 2019. So… if you think about it, you have gifts for yourself or a loved one for this year and next Valentines Day covered too!;p And every year after that if you continue to #AdoptACraftivist 

"The care and love from @Craftivists in their annual year book is a masterclass in supporter management. Gently, quietly, brilliantly worming their message into peoples souls. Bloody love it."

- Craftivist Adopter Ali G  (not  THAT Ali G ;p)



5. Dare to dream...

Your support of £2.50 a week, £10 a month or a one off payment of £120 before 28th February 2019 is far more than a transaction to me and I hope it is for you. Your support, encouragement and belief in our work keeps me hopeful, motivated and focused to keep building on what we've already achieved and continue to support and encourage craftivist around the world. I love hearing from adopters how they find our community and content we create inspiring, empowering, educational and has helped them become a changemaker in their own lives sometimes using craft, sometimes just being a more confident gentle protester in other ways. Join our gang of dream makers...

“A great and bold idea which I will share with others. It reminds me of Goethe – "Whatever you do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius and power and magic in it." AND my wife (Shaaron) and I had already discussed this and agreed we would be in for the £10 a month for the 12months. We'll pay the total amount in one hit.” 

- Craftivist Adopter Brad H



Thanks for reading lovely ones x 

If you can afford to adopt me it would be a huge help for the collective to survive and thrive. If you cannot afford to give financially please do spread the word, encourage others to join in this special collective of compassionate campaigners and please continue to participate in this collective in whatever way you can that helps you on your journey to be the change you wish to see in our world to help make it a more healthier and happier place for everyone :)  

All of my love, respect, appreciation for your encouragement and my friendship, 


One of the best bits about coming back to work after being poorly is the mail waiting for me - including this beautiful update from @craftivists. I support Sarah with a few pennies - enough to cover a couple of coffees over the month. What she does is s…

— Charlie (Gin Fuelled Bluestocking) (@The_Lady_Sybil) February 5, 2019




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