How To Be A Craftivist: the art of gentle protest

By Sarah Corbett

Learn how to do activism in a slow, kind and beautiful way using craft

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Check out the awesome reviews for my book #humblebrag


#humblebrag alert:

The more our world seems to be divided, the more I think my book is really important to help us see that activism and protest can be beautiful, kind and fair. I'm on the final of three proof edits of my book checking for spelling and grammar etc and each time I read it I genuinely think "ooo I like that bit, did I write that?!" hehee. I've been nervous to say it's a good book but now I feel like I can say it actually is because... check out the reviews below I've recieved so far that will be use on the cover, inside of the book and/or press release. These intelligent people I highly respect  have no reason to lie and wouldn't endorse a crap book which is why I asked them to review it (more reviews coming too from journalist Zoe Williams, Oxfam GB Senior Strategist Prof Duncan Green and more brilliant brains): 


"This wonderful book should challenge us all. The world today is full of injustice and wrongs, and it is crucially important for citizens to make their voices heard. Corbett shows us a new way to fight for a better world without resorting to violence or empty social media posts - and calls on us all to reconsider our approach to communicating and living. This is a message that deserves to be widely heard, particularly in these polarized times.” - Gillian Tett, US Managing Editor of Financial Times and author of 'Fools Gold' and 'The Silo Effect'. 


"I love what Sarah does! It's quiet activism for everyone including introverts." - author and screenwriter Jon Ronson 


'Sarah Corbett mixes an A grade mind with astonishing creativity and emotional awareness. In this book she examines and reframes activism in a way that makes for genuinely spirited, inclusive and effective intervention. Environmental and social justice campaigning typically favours the extrovert and those who self-identify (often rather loudly) as 'leaders'. I think Sarah's book changes that in a super intelligent, engaging way. More power to her!' - Lucy Siegle, columnist for The Observer, presenter on The One Show and author of 'To Die For: Is Fashion Wearing Out The World?'


“A compelling and intimate portrait that expands our understanding of activism at a time when new forms of protest are more needed than ever.” - Micah White, Co-founder of Occupy Wall Street 


“I defy you not to be both charmed and inspired by one of the most creative ‘how to’ guides you’re likely to come across, jam-packed as it is with practical advice, telling insights, and informed in every line by compassion and a refreshingly different transformational energy.” - Sir Jonathon Porritt CBE, Founder Director, Forum for the Future


“Sarah Corbett’s book is inspiring and challenging at the same time. Her message is to free people from the chains of consumerism and equip them to enter the house of activism. We are not mere consumers - we are makers, we are artists and we are citizens. Sarah Corbett reminds us that through crafts and creativity, through arts and imagination, we can build a new world and create a sustainable future for all.” - Satish Kumar, Indian activist and editor of Resurgence & Ecologist magazine.


“A brilliant guide for anyone interested in changing the world with creativity, mindfulness and joy.” - Jean Railla founder of 


"In a troubling and troubled world,  Sarah Corbett's 'How to be a Craftivist' makes the case for a gentle and humane form of activism with force and feeling." - Douglas Alexander, former Member of Parliament (MP) & Secretary of State for International Development 2007-2010


This is a wonderful book which will cheer your spirits and lift your soul at a time of austerity and global anxiety over peace and social injustice. How To Be A Craftivist: the art of gentle protest is strategic and significant in terms of its international reach and its intelligent summaries of how slow and mindful craftivism can be open-hearted, modest, peaceful, good-natured, loving and effective. Such qualities are a prerequisite for understanding the complexities of a world in an intellectual challenge and political uncertainty. - Prof Janis Jefferies, Professor of Visual Arts, Goldsmiths University. 


“A tremendous book, one that shows you how to communicate with people in a thoughtful and effective way.” - Jimmy McGovern screenwriter



Here is a sneaky peak of the draft cover of the trade issue of my book. Sorry it's low resolution. There will be a few tiny changes such as making the two yellow needles more detailed. The First Edition Hardback copy (only available to pre-order with Unbound here) will be a more luxurious version that includes a coloured ribbon bookmark attached, coloured binding and splashes of colour in the text pages inside the book and some other little extras such as your name printed in the back. Plus as a backer, your book will arrive in the post to you August or September before it's available in stores from October 5th 2017. There is only a few weeks left if you want to order a copy for yourself or someone else and request a name in the back of the book (the best Christmas present ever don't you think?;p #justsayin) so treat yourself, your friends or family and let's help make our world be a more positive and tender place for all. 


All my respect and gratitude for your support and encouragment 

Sarah :) x

P.S Please do share with your contacts to encourage them to pre order this book or at least be aware of it 

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