THIS FRIDAY IS THE DEADLINE for the best christmas present for friends and family...

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Midnight Friday 14th July (this week) is the deadline for ordering the special limited edition of the book you have kindly backed. It will not be avaialble after this date. Why am I telling you? You've already ordered your copy right? Well, because it's a lovely Christmas present for others and for the world.


The limited edition book will be a special gift in five ways with elements that…

Check out the awesome reviews for my book #humblebrag

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Draft cover of how to be a craftivist


#humblebrag alert:

The more our world seems to be divided, the more I think my book is really important to help us see that activism and protest can be beautiful, kind and fair. I'm on the final of three proof edits of my book checking for spelling and grammar etc and each time I read it I genuinely think "ooo I like that bit, did I write that?!" hehee. I've been nervous to say it's a…

A little extract from Chapter 9: Graceful Activism

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Unbound postcard

To my lovely supporters and friends (that's you!), 


I hope you are well, warm and had a happy Christmas :) To give hope for a happy 2017 when many of us are feeling despair, I thought you might like to read a very short extract from Chapter 9 of the book you are helping to create. I've called the chapter 'Graceful Activism' and the whole chapter focuses on a craftivist’s gentle protest approach…

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