Craftivist Collective Handbook

By Sarah Corbett

Twenty craft projects to help you make a positive difference in our world

Tuesday, 1 November 2022

Not such a positive update but an honest one...

Dear Supporters and friends


I never want to feel that I am hiding something from this incredible community yet I have to be honest with you and say I've been reluctant to send you this update because...


I have missed the Craftivist Collective Handbook deadline for the book to be ready to be in your hands and physical stores Spring 2023.


I have never missed a deadline in my life which brought me a lot of shock and shame I still feel now. It was a culmination of a few things: I under-estimated how much work it would be to collate, curate all of the many elements of this book on top of writing the 36 essays needed. I was ill on three different occasions before the deadline. And I definitely didn't help the situation by putting so much pressure on myself for this book to be perfect. These setbacks led to chronic insomnia, mental health struggles and financial stress whilst trying to meet the deadline. Not the best ingredients to write helpful essays. BUT I have not given up!! And I am very aware and grateful for the privileged position you have allowed me to be in to write this innovative book. I will not waste this opportunity, I can promise you that.


With our Editor, Illustrator, Photographer, and Graphic Designer we have completed 60% if not more of the unique and multifaceted book and its looking beautiful!:) 

  • Every page has been layed out
  • I have handstitched 180 samples
  • We have photographed and written the step by steps for 17 of the 20 projects.  
  • 7 of our diverse 9 models have been photographed 
  • All written and photographic content from our global community have been created into collages.
  • All case studies have been written up and layed out 
  • All illustrations for the book have been drawn and positioned. 


The end is in sight! As soon as I have completed the essays and then work with the Neuroscientist Dr Danbee Kim for their contribution in the next few months then we are on a roll and you will get much more exciting updates from me hopefully with some pages I can show you confidentially if Unbound let me (Shhh!;p)  

I completely understand that many of you may feel frustrated, disappointed and impatient. I feel the same. Especially as we delayed the book for a year to prioritise the climate Canary Craftivists campaign before world leaders met in Glasgow for the UN Climate Change Committee last Summer. I understand if you want to request a refund at 

I will be hiding away to finish this book for the next few months to create a book that is as beautiful and useful as possible. Once again, I am truly sorry for any inconvenience caused. I really believe the book will be worth the wait and I'll be working hard to fulfil it's potential for you and fellow readers around the world. 


I hope you are doing ok at this turbulent time and with many people struggling with of post-pandemic exhaustion, 


All my appreciation, respect and friendship, 

Sarah P Corbett

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Natasha Dyer
 Natasha Dyer says:

Oh Sarah, please don't be hard on yourself! I've lost count of the number of deadlines I've missed. You are putting the work in and doing what you can and it is really a very tough time so go easy on yourself. No deadline is worth burnout and misery.

Look forward to seeing the book when it is ready and I expect that most of your supporters are very ok with a little delay!


posted 7th November 2022

Kathleen Vaughan
 Kathleen Vaughan says:

Sarah, so much respect to you for laying out your situation with honesty and care. I’m sure I speak for others, too, when I say I appreciate your looking after yourself in the mix of things; that’s also essential (and sadly the pandemic is not actually over.) The book sounds AMAZING and I will love receiving it whenever it comes. Work like yours has no ‘best by’date: it keeps on giving! Thank you for all you’re doing and may the creative/publishing goddesses be with you!

posted 7th November 2022

Andrew Walsh
 Andrew Walsh says:

Thanks for the update! Please don't be hard on yourself, I've edited a few (academic) books and hardly anyone submits chapters on time, let alone full books. These things often take longer, or are harder, than we expect when we first start. Take care of yourself and I'm sure we're all looking forward to seeing the book whenever it gets finished, a delay doesn't matter!

posted 7th November 2022

Kay Manley
 Kay Manley says:

Sarah, please please do not feel shame or any other of those emotions..... your work is amazing.... I look forward to reading the new book but I'd hate to think the completion of it was causing you stress. ... in my mind I've bought you a couple of yazzy coffees and the book is a bonus.... you are an amazing woman... stay strong, stay positive....

posted 7th November 2022

Rosie Morgan
 Rosie Morgan says:

Oh my goodness, Sarah. Please don't feel bad and take all the time you need. I am sure all your supporters will be much more concerned that you are taking care of your health and wellbeing than that the book comes out at a certain date!!!!!

posted 7th November 2022

Howard Davies
 Howard Davies says:

Hi Sarah, don't be too hard on yourself please. The intention is what counts and yours is clear. Thanks for your openness, but it really isn't a problem. Go at your own pace and stay healthy and happy. With best wishes, Howard

posted 7th November 2022

Adam Fox
 Adam Fox says:

Did Douglas Adams not once comment that he loved the sound of deadlines flying past?
On a serious note - take time for yourself. As my dear partner-in-foxdom Mrs Fox often says, you can't take care of others if you don't take care of yourself first.
I look forward to the finished book, as and when it arrives, which I'm sure it will.
Kindest regards, Mr Fox :)

posted 7th November 2022

Simon Berry
 Simon Berry says:

What they all said! It will be lovely when it's finished whenever that is!
Take care.

posted 7th November 2022

Louise Weinzweig
 Louise Weinzweig says:

Hi Sarah, I’m so sorry to hear about your struggles in getting this book finished. I hope you’re taking great care of yourself now and I wanted you to know that I’m happy to wait as long as it takes. It will just make it more exciting and fun when it does arrive.
It’s a special and genuinely unique thing that you’re creating, so it’s bound to have a difficult birth. Keep looking after yourself and keep going at your own pace. And know that this little part of the community is cheering you on with love and patience.

posted 7th November 2022

Rachel Ritchie
 Rachel Ritchie says:

I'm with the others: don't put pressure on yourself on my account. We all get sick, get behind and have struggled. Take care, find a do-able routine and the book with be all the better for the anticipation xx

posted 7th November 2022

Clare Shepherd
 Clare Shepherd says:

Don't beat yourself up. Life often gets in the way of goid intentions. Waiting for a good book is part of the fun. It's not as if we can go to Amazon and get it next day.My experience is thst all the books I have bought here over the years have all been worth the wait. Therefore, be kind to yourself, get plenty of healthy food and rest., and try not to worry and just keep pegging away. Things will sort themselves out.

posted 7th November 2022

Andreia Macedo
 Andreia Macedo says:

I am just waiting for the perfect time to get it. This is not the time. First Sarah has to sleep, then Sarah must be happy with her book. Then... it is ready to come to my hands. Take care, you move the world by joy, not by force.

posted 7th November 2022

Leisa Taylor
 Leisa Taylor says:

Ditto all the love here, Sarah.

I've just been listening to Tricia Hersey from @TheNapMinistery & am totally sold on the idea of naps as resistance. I think you'd enjoy her ideas and receive some positive strokes that maybe you need right now. Love and light, I'm very happy to wait xxx

posted 7th November 2022

Alanna King
 Alanna King says:

Sarah thank you for your honesty. I am still excited and anticipating this release. Your radical transparency is like a breath of fragrant air — we all struggle so be good to yourself and take the time you need to finish the project with integrity.

posted 7th November 2022

Dorothy Halfhide
 Dorothy Halfhide says:

It will be well worth the wait. Please look after yourself.

posted 7th November 2022

Emily Miller
 Emily Miller says:

You and your team are all human. You deserve grace, especially from yourself. This is a huge endeavor and it is okay that is isn't perfectly done ahead of schedule. Take the time you need to do what you need.

posted 7th November 2022

Emunah Herzog
 Emunah Herzog says:

I second and third and, and, and all the beautiful messages flying your way. Thank you for the update and absolutely don't stress yourself. The book will be out there at the perfect time!
And I upgraded from the digital to the printed version... So there.
Many blessings!

posted 7th November 2022

Annette James
 Annette James says:

Hi Sarah, we have just had a really successful craftivist project with the National Trust, inspired by you and your dedication to process and gentle nurturing message of hope. Please look after yourself. The book will be ready in due course when you can complete it safely. I value your health and well being above the production of a book.
You may be interested in the comment of a climate activist observing our recent project - "These messages are works of art in their own right. Go love them into submission"
Take care

posted 7th November 2022

Christopher Whalen
 Christopher Whalen says:

Deadlines are just a vague target to aim for that motivate some of us and help us plan and co-ordinate activity. No one really cares if they're missed. They make a wonderful whooshing sound as the fly by. The more important motivation for your book is that you're happy to introduce it to the world. By giving this book more time to grow, you're actually giving us the gift of forgetting that it's on the way, so it will be a delightful surprise if and when it does appear. I hope you enjoy the remaining steps towards publication without any guilt or regret and with the leisurely momentum of the road rising up to meet you and the wind being always at your back.

posted 7th November 2022

Matt F
 Matt F says:

Peace be with you Sarah. As everyone has said be compassionate on yourself and worry not. It’ll be fantastic and we’ll celebrate with you when it’s done. May the rest of the creative process be rewarding and fulfilling.

posted 7th November 2022

Brian Fitzgerald
 Brian Fitzgerald says:

Slow is beautiful. Every choice matters. We are all connected. Those are the only stories you need to pay heed to in this endeavor. The book will arrive precisely when it is meant to. Take Seymour Glass's advice on archery from Franny and Zooey: Don't aim so much. Much love to you.

posted 7th November 2022

Karen Julke
 Karen Julke says:

Oh my darling, please don't put so much pressure on yourself! It will be done when it's done, and we'll be thrilled to have it whenever that may be.
Hope lots of encouraging messages on here put your mind at rest xxxxx

posted 7th November 2022

Eva Möller
 Eva Möller says:

Sarah - What you describe has happened to so many of us! Stay safe, we will wait!
Lots of love and understanding from Sweden :)

posted 7th November 2022

Diane Eyre
 Diane Eyre says:

There's a lot of good advice and gentle holding in all the comments Sarah, so I hope that you can stop beating yourself up and just allow yourself to feel the love and care that is being sent your way. And welcome to the community of deadline missers! It's just real life! Take care and enjoy the rest of the creative process xx

posted 7th November 2022

Lisa Rull
 Lisa Rull says:

You are doing amazing. Activism is hard, writing is hard, and living through a pandemic is hard. Your honesty is appreciated but I hope from what you read in these comments you know that lots of people are on your side. That's why we are interested in the craftivism! Look after yourself. You will get there. The need for activism isn't going away. We will be there for it when the package arrives.

posted 7th November 2022

Lydia Giannetti
 Lydia Giannetti says:

Hello Sarah,
I have nothing but respect for your hard work and dedication to this project and the good it brings. Thank you for sharing this message. I hear you, I have been there. We can have the book whenever the book is ready, its exciting to know that its coming one day in the future. Please look after yourself first, and take time and enjoy the process of sharing your innovations and kindess with the world.
Big love to you ♡

posted 7th November 2022

Tina Helfrich
 Tina Helfrich says:

I sincerely hope the sick leave you mentioned on Facebook is being used to rest and recover. I can wait for the book and I have enjoyed reading about your other work and projects which you have been juggling with writing this book. So please rest and don’ beat yourself
Love & light,

posted 7th November 2022

Kirstie Macqueen
 Kirstie Macqueen says:

Thank you for letting us know. I look forward to seeing the book whenever it is ready - beautiful things take time to create and you need to take all the time that is necessary for it and for you. Look after yourself.

posted 7th November 2022

Anita Walker
 Anita Walker says:

Story time: I worked for a very successful video game company once and we missed the holiday shopping season completely and launched the game on New Years Eve. It became a best seller and one of the most respected games in history. The CEO, who is a friend of mine, said “No one will remember if something was late. They will only remember if it was good.” That advice has stayed with me and I think it applies here. Keep on making it good and no one will care if it missed a deadline.

Much love and respect!!

posted 7th November 2022

Peter Harper
 Peter Harper says:

Dear Sarah
Your honesty and transparency is such a pleasure to encounter. So sorry that you’ve had such a tough time. Imperfection is beautiful because it’s real and the book will be ready when it’s ready. Really hope you can feel the love and support from everyone and offer yourself some kindness.
Go gently. Peter.

posted 7th November 2022

Eileen Laurie
 Eileen Laurie says:

Dear heart,
Don't worry and please don't beat yourself up. You are almost there. Take the time you need.

posted 7th November 2022

Dave Lukes
 Dave Lukes says:

Dear Sarah,
What everyone else said, only more so :-)

Stay well and stay craftivising,

posted 7th November 2022

Susan Murphy
 Susan Murphy says:

Sarah ~ thank you So much for your honesty BUT please care for yourself ~ you have so much to offer that needs must be met first and foremost.
I trust you will feel able to complete all the massive work required, at your own pace, we can all wait ~ and still do useful things !

You have surely been encouraged to put down the parcel of guilt, and pick up instead a regular gift of love and support from your family, friends and supporters. Go well, with our love making you strong . . Susan x

posted 7th November 2022

Richard Blundel
 Richard Blundel says:

Dear Sarah - as many others have said, considerable respect for your honest update and I'm sure that your readership will not mind waiting - particularly anyone who's attempted to author a book of any kind! All strength to our elbow and look forward to seeing the finished product. Richard

posted 7th November 2022

S McDonald
 S McDonald says:

Take time….for yourself, for your family, to heal, to rest. The book will wait. You make a difference in this world.

posted 7th November 2022

Deborah Fielding
 Deborah Fielding says:

Dear Sarah,
As others have said, please take your time to get better. We want to support YOU and your work. It's such a difficult time and we are all exhausted. Rest well, Deb xx

posted 7th November 2022

Linda Neal
 Linda Neal says:

Dear Sarah, Thank you for your message I think you are doing amazing and have worked so hard. Please be kind to yourself I am happy to wait and you are well on your way!!
Take Care
Linda Neal

posted 7th November 2022

Penelope Kaye
 Penelope Kaye says:

Dearest Sarah, thank you for sending your message. Please be kind and compassionate with yourself. Perfectionism is so unkind. I am more than happy to wait, you matter more and take gentle care xxx Penny Kaye

posted 7th November 2022

Eryl O'Day
 Eryl O'Day says:

Dear Sarah - what you are doing is so important. Much more important than deadlines. You are trying to change narratives towards justice. Thank you. Please take whatever time you need and feel the hug coming to you from all these posts!

posted 7th November 2022

Lisa Scandrette
 Lisa Scandrette says:

Dear Sarah, please be gentle with yourself. You're in this for the long haul! Take the time you need for your health and well being, and just know we'll be excited whenever this book comes out. I'm cheering you on, my favorite Craftivist!

posted 8th November 2022

Filipa do Carmo
 Filipa do Carmo says:

Dear Sarah
I really appreciate the honesty in your post.
If it makes you feel any better, I haven't even managed to read your first book, although I carry it around me and also struggle to get time for the craftivist projects I want to do. That's life and we can only do what we can. Sending you lots of love and good energy for your book (it already looks brilliant by what you said).

posted 8th November 2022

Ross Wintle
 Ross Wintle says:

A few things:

1) You are awesome.
2) Your dedication and commitment to this project is shining through.
3) What everyone else said: You have our 100% support in taking as long as it needs and, as a priority, looking after yourself.
4) You are still awesome!

Take care Sarah. Sending hugs.

posted 8th November 2022

Becca Byass
 Becca Byass says:

Thank you for showing that doing it right sometimes means taking it slower and doing things differently is hard work!

Patience, love and gratitude for and with you!

posted 8th November 2022

Susanne Harelius
 Susanne Harelius says:

Please do not feel stressed for this! I could happily wait another year or two if it made you feel better! <3
Please please take care of you and your close ones!

posted 8th November 2022

Janet Lees
 Janet Lees says:

Please take care of yourself. The book will be brilliant, we know.

posted 9th November 2022

Rebecca Barber
 Rebecca Barber says:

Hi Sarah, lovely to hear from you with a bit of an exciting trail into how the book is shaping up - I'm really looking forward to meeting the finished article. However I am honestly not perturbed by the delay and I think you have made important decisions about priorities along the way, notably canaries and your health. I admire anyone doing something creative, like making a real live book... let alone one so intricate and with such an important message. And as a fellow perfectionist, I'm the one with many (and many more) unfinished projects hanging around. But you're persevering on, which is amazing,but it's important that you take it at a pace which isn't going to bring on the burn out that you originally mitigated with craftivism. Anyway,'nuf rambling... sending hugs xx

posted 11th November 2022

Deborah Deal
 Deborah Deal says:

Hey there Sarah -- we ALL do this: Bite off more than we can chew, because that's what women do! Don't worry about the book being delayed. It's cool.

FYI - We are using your Craftivist book as a manual / guide at the Women's Caucus for Art.

In January, it will have been the chosen book for BOOK CLUB for THREE times!

We would love it if you could join us for a few minutes on Zoom at the January book club which will be an audience from around the country. Also - do you do speaking engagements?

We should chat. Please contact me at or call the office at 303-277-9520, ext. 310

Thanks! and enjoy your day!

posted 11th November 2022

Sarah Corbett
 Sarah Corbett says:

Wow! :) Thank you lovely supporters for your kind responses to my last update. It means so much to have your support, empathy and encouragement.

All my gratitude, respect and admiration,
Sarah P Corbett xxx

posted 21st November 2022

Sam Harvey
 Sam Harvey says:

Please take care Sarah. Good things are always worth the time and care they need - including yourself. Thank you for the update. I hope you are able to enjoy some of the process now you know our priorities are with your health and manifesto, not deadines. Xx

posted 14th December 2022

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