Craftivist Collective Handbook

By Sarah Corbett

Twenty craft projects to help you make a positive difference in our world

Monday, 17 January 2022

Handbook is progressing well :) Canary Craftivists Manual is out now

Happy 2022 lovely Craftivist Collective Handbook Supporters - all 1531 of you so far!:)


I hope this year is treating you well and it becomes full of happy moments for you in the months to come. 


"For those of you, like me, who are impatient to get their hands on The Craftivist Collective Handbook, I have to remind myself of Sarah's mantra 'Be the Tortoise' – slow and steady wins the race. Instead of rushing the book out for the end of this year we at Unbound are going for an early 2023 publication to reach as many people as possible rather than compete with too many books Autumn/Winter in the lead up to Christmas 2022. We believe her unique book is the perfect New Year inspiration for Gentle Protest craftivists and new audiences to spring into action at as many 2023 festivals and events we can get into, gaining media coverage both for the launch and as part of Christmas wishlists. The glimpses of the handbook I’ve seen are INCREDIBLE and a reminder that sometimes, for work of the highest quality, patience is an essential virtue."
- John Mitchinson, Co-founder and Publisher, Unbound


My last update to you was Spring 2021 here explaining that our Handbook Editor Lara Watson was going on Maternity Leave and I was focusing on crafting and recruiting eco-worriers to take part in their first ever activism or climate action that Summer in the lead up to the UN Climate Conference (COP26) of World Leaders hosted by the UK Government in November 2021. The campaign is called 'Canary Craftivists' and will be included in your handbook as one of the 20 projects :) That's me in the photo above dressed as a shy, anxious climate craftivist in my upcycled beak and cape. 


"I’m now back from maternity leave and so excited to get my teeth into editing this epic new book from Sarah. It’s a huge project - and just as gorgeous as it is important and inspiring. We’re planning photo shoots, honing words and tinkering with layouts; working hard to create something you’ll be proud to support." 

- Lara Watson, Editor of Craftivist Collective Handbook 


Our climate campaign made waves collaborating with 6 cnational raft magazines and craft celebrities providing free patterns for people to sew, knit, crochet and cross stitch. Over 100 'flocks' of canary craftivists took part across the UK from Devon in Cornwall to Iona in Scotland. Our Liverpool flock where filmed for Sky Arts 'Statues Redressed' acclaimed documentary as well as gaining local and national media coverage (including Positive News, The Happy Newspaper, Cardiff Times). Hundreds of handmade chirpy canaries were sent from crafty constituents to their Members of Parliament to encourage them to act faster andn bolder to tackle the climate crisis. Resultingn in many handwritten messages and public social media posts by MPs who were really moved by their gifts. Our canary craftivists will continue to hold powerholders account for their actions or inactions this year. Our hashtag #CanaryCraftivists reached hundreds of thousands of social media accounts and I have turned the campaign into a timeless print manual book for craftivists around the world to use in their own context for the vital climate action we need before its too late:


The feedback on the Canary Craftivists Manual so far has been brilliant from readers around the world:

  • "Mine arrived today, had a little cry, it's beautiful" - Beth P
  • "I'm going to take off t he ribbon tomorrow and just take in all the inspiration and love that is literally wrapped up in the ribbon." -Liz G
  • "The perfect thing to recieve in Janary at a time when things can feel so bleak!" - Isabelle McN
  • "I read two pages before my youngest daughter ran off with it as she was super excited by it all! I said she can read it first but has to give me a review of what craftivism is all about... she's 8!" - Simon C
  • One teacher bought 3 copies for her secondary school library and staff room
  • A few bought as gifts including Valentine's gifts
  • The Manual is going to be covered in 6 craft magazines in the next two months so you may spot it!


And now I'm back to creating your Craftivist Collective Handbook and we are progressing well. If any of you have taken part in our projects here please email me (sarah @ craftivist-collective [dot] com) photographs of your completed objects in situ and/or your crafterthoughts to be considered as content for the handbook. 


I'm so excited for you to get your special edition handbook with your name in every copy as a supporter (optional) before the standard version lands in bookshops. 

I better get back to work! ;p 


All my gratitute, respect and admiration 

Sarah Corbett, Founder Craftivsit Collective and author of your handbook 




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Anna Batchelor
 Anna Batchelor says:

Is this ever going to be published ?

posted 16th December 2022

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