An excerpt from


Elisabeth Luard

Lamb with Barley:
Serves 4

1 small shoulder of lamb
150g spelt or barley
1 whole garlic head
2 cans plum tomatoes
100g unsalted butter
Salt and ground white pepper (plenty)

Gujerati Vegetable Curry:
Serves 4-6

500g potatoes
500g aubergines
500g tomatoes
1 small cauliflower
2 medium onions
2-3 tablespoons ghee (or vegetable oil)
1 level tablespoon cumin seeds
1 short stick cassia or cinnamon
1 tablespoon ground turmeric
4-6 whole cloves
1 thick slice fresh ginger-root
1-2 green chillies, de-seeded
Salt and pepper
To serve
250g mung dhal
8-12 flatbreads - roti or chapatis
2-3 tablespoons toasted cashews
about 100g fresh white cheese

Norwegian Gravlax:
Serves 4-6

Ik salmon fillet (skin on)
4 tablespoons sea-salt
1 tablespoon crushed white peppercorns
2 tablespoons sugar
Generous handful dill-fronds
Small glass aquavit or vodka

Mustard sauce
200ml sunflower or seed oil
1 tablespoon white wine vinegar
1 tablespoon mild mustard
1 tablespoon caster sugar
1 teaspoon sea salt
1 tablespoon finely-chopped dill