Conversations With Spirits

By E O Higgins

The story of a dissipated genius in a borrowed hat and coat

Thursday, 3 October 2013

They say you should never judge a book by its cover…

But, even still…

I challenge even the most stony-hearted fellow to gaze at Mark Ecob’s cover art for Conversations with Spirits - in all its shiny, golden loveliness - and not leer hungrily at it, like a cat staring out a window at a distant bird.

When we had the cover meeting back in April, I must admit to feeling somewhat dismayed as I peered down at Mark's notes, which ran something like:



From those tiny thematic acorns, to this massive golden oak, seems like something of a leap – but, my word, the man does good work!

I don’t do a lot of 'imploring', if I’m honest. (Frankly, I’ve just never really had the knack.) Sometimes I can be moved to 'urge' or 'beseech' something or other, but, again, I’m not any good at it – and it always seems like such dashed hard work.

On this occasion, however, I will go against my natural inclination and implore like never before...


Please, don't wait for the paperback – buy this delightful, limited-edition, gold-plated hardback. Or your bookcase will simply never forgive you.

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Milcah Marcelo
 Milcah Marcelo says:

Looking forward to getting drunk on it! :)

posted 29th October 2013

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