Conversations With Spirits

By E O Higgins

The story of a dissipated genius in a borrowed hat and coat

Friday, 4 April 2014

Review in the Baker Street Journal

Conversations with Spirits has been reviewed in the latest edition of The Baker Street Journal.

Founded by Edgar W. Smith in 1946, the quarterly is the world’s leading publication about Sherlock Holmes and Arthur Conan Doyle.

"Conversations with Spirits by E O Higgins. London: Unbound, 2013. 244 pp. £9.99.

This very funny - yet often quite touching - first novel takes place in December 1917.

The narrator and protagonist, Trelawney Hart, has escaped from the fame he acquired as a child genius, and from the misery of his wife’s death, by plunging deeply into the bottle.

Raised to be a perfect, logical thinker like John Stuart Mill, Hart is commissioned by Conan Doyle to offer an independent validation of medium J. P. Beasant, who claims he will walk through a ten foot-thick solid brick structure.

The alcoholic logician, described as ‘all brain and no heart,’ and the spiritualist novelist play off each other nicely until the big reveal in the final scene."

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