Conversations With Spirits

By E O Higgins

The story of a dissipated genius in a borrowed hat and coat

Monday, 13 October 2014

First Book Award 2014

Hullo there.

You'll remember that I've often spoken about my sincere love for you?

Mostly, when I have been holding your tiny, porcelain hand in mine - and gazing adoringly into your magnificent eyes...

Yes, well now it's time for you to do me a favour...

You see, my book has been put forward for this award thingy - and, well, the closing date for it is this Friday.

If you felt so inclined to vote for it, I would be incredibly grateful.

Here is a handy link that you might like to click on:

Thank you!

Yours, as ever.

E O Higgins x

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Ewan Lawrie
 Ewan Lawrie says:

Goldurnit Mr Ed, Ah done gone orl reddy done that, 'n I done shared 'um on Facebook too! Guess Ah could do that again!

posted 13th October 2014

E O Higgins
 E O Higgins says:

Well, it makes sense...

posted 13th October 2014

E O Higgins
 E O Higgins says:

(And thank you!)

posted 13th October 2014

otmudtoff Cooke
 otmudtoff Cooke says:

Content removed by Moderator.

posted 14th October 2014

E O Higgins
 E O Higgins says:

Hey, man...

This ain't the place for your crazy beat poetry!

posted 14th October 2014

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