Conversations With Spirits

By E O Higgins

The story of a dissipated genius in a borrowed hat and coat

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Enter, if you dare...

To commemorate World Book Day - and the release of the paperback edition of Conversations with Spirits - I am offering three people the chance to win copies of the book.

Just answer the following question:

Harry Price, who appears in the novel, famously investigated Borley Rectory – ‘the most haunted house in England’.

In 1929, the Reverend Guy Eric Smith and his wife moved into the ill-fated Rectory, and were surprised to find something unusual whilst cleaning out a cupboard...

What was it?

Please send your answer to, before noon on Friday the 7th of March. Three correct answers will be summarily plucked from my battered billycock on Friday afternoon.

Good luck!

Edward x

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Leslie Hargreaves
 Leslie Hargreaves says:

It was the skull of a young woman, Edward. I thought everyone knew that. Best wishes, Les.

posted 6th March 2014

Leslie Hargreaves
 Leslie Hargreaves says:

Oh no! I misread it: should have sent my guess by email. Sorry Edward. Les "Fool" Hargreaves

posted 6th March 2014

Karen Baines
 Karen Baines says:

Was it Cliff Richard?
Oh, sorry - I thought it said closet..

posted 6th March 2014

E O Higgins
 E O Higgins says:

Leslie Hargreaves, you are a menace!

Shame on you!

By the way, there were a lot more correct answers AFTER your reply here...

posted 7th March 2014

E O Higgins
 E O Higgins says:

And the winners are Emma Ryal, Chris Gimlette and John Day!

Hope you enjoy the book.

Thank you everyone that entered!

Edward x

posted 7th March 2014

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