Competition with Spirits

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Well, it’s plucking day! 

Well done everyone who correctly identified the building in the above photograph as – ‘The Most Haunted House in England’ – Borley Rectory!

The connection to Conversations with Sprits being Harry Price; a character in the book - and the real-life psychic investigator at Borley.

Well done – Ian Williams! 

You were plucked from literally ones of entrants from my big hat this morning. 

A bottle of unpleasantly-syrupy booze will be winging itself to you later today…

Other glamorous hatees, correctly identifying the building were: 

Elizabeth Troake

Edmund Chambers

Katie Rawlins

John Mitchinson

John Patrick Higgins

Michelle Yamamoto

J F Derry 

Philip Doyle

Paul Bury

Thank you all for getting involved. 

I will be putting a post in my shed about Borley Rectory later today.

In the meantime, here’s a snippet from a BBC documentary about Borley from the early 1970s. (Warning:  there’s some very strong looks going on here.)

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Ian Williams
Ian Williams says:

I knew that the time spent in my formative years reading encyclopedias of ghosts and hauntings wasn't wasted. Looking forward to my first taste of De Kuyper's finest Cherry Brandy - I shall raise a glass or three to you all!

September 05, 2012

E O Higgins
E O Higgins says:

I was more of an Usbourne 'Book of Ghosts' man, myself.

There was a story in it about an Irish warehouse that was filled with ghostly hats.

It left you wanting more...

September 05, 2012

E O Higgins
E O Higgins says:

J F Derry would like it pointed out that, in fact, he did not answer correctly.

J F Derry was, as always, erroneous.

September 05, 2012

Mark Vent
Mark Vent says:

As was I ... horribly so!

September 05, 2012

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