Conversations With Spirits

By E O Higgins

The story of a dissipated genius in a borrowed hat and coat

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

A message from our sponsors

You’ve wisely invested in a copy of Conversations with Spirits by E O Higgins - but have you given due consideration as to just how you’ll read it?

May we suggest you invest in ‘Foot’s Adjustable Rest-Chair’?

Or, if you’d prefer - and we do - “The Library Lounge” (Patented).

“The Library Lounge” comes complete with:

Newspaper salver,
Multi-use pulley system, 
Moustache-wax platter,
And cheese-board. 


Now, “The Library Lounge” also comes equipped with a detachable seat – providing access to an Earthenware chamber-pot, courtesy of J&G Meakin & co. (England)

Say ‘good-bye’ to cold-toilet-seat misery! 

Now you can ‘reveal yourself’ in the comfort of your own drawing-room, whilst keeping up-to-date with current affairs or enjoying a slice of delicious Wiltshire Loaf!

Buy “The Library Lounge” (Patented) HERE

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