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Conversations With Spirits

The story of a dissipated genius in a borrowed hat and coat by E O Higgins

Review for Conversations With Spirits

‘Conversations with Spirits’ is a thoroughly enjoyable read which I found myself picking up with a frequency which can only be paralleled by Trelawney’s propensity to lift a glass of cherry brandy to his lips. Trelawney Hart is a strangely likeable odd-ball who has no understanding of social conventions and is quick to goad even the great Sir Arthur Conon Doyle. The exchanges between characters are quick witted, dry and funny and I found myself looking forward to Trelawney’s next social encounter, which inevitably end with an offended party and a trip to a local saloon for a ‘livener’. The mystery of J.P. Beasant’s power engages from start to finish and it is hard not to take on Trelawney’s mathematical and brutally logical manner in an attempt to discover the secret to Beasant’s great feats. A brilliant comic mystery, crammed full of vibrant characters and unexpected turns.