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Monday, 22 April 2013

Well hello!

Hello Shedfolk

It's been an AGE hasn't it? I'm really sorry about that but life simply got in the way. Quite apart from the work on QI, I've been all over the place promoting the book that you've helped to make. In the past couple of months I've done talks in Oxford, at the Institute of Engineering and Technology in London, Conway Hall (the Humanist Society), the Royal Masonic School, Buckinghamshire University and QEDCon in Manchester where I got a public congratulation from no less a person than Professor Richard Dawkins (he tweeted it too). Coming up in the near future you'll find me at Hay on Wye, Harrogate, the Edinburgh Festival, Latitude, and Skeptics in the Pub events in Glasgow, Milton Keynes, Edinburgh, Sheffield, Birmingham, Tunbridge Wells and others awaiting confirmation of dates.

Now, to book news. Well, expect it very soon! The final proofs and edits are done, the cover is being drawn as we speak (expect a big announcement on that next week - the artist doing it is one of the most popular illustrators working in the UK today) and the book will be ready for Hay on Wye. So, you can expect your physical copy in May! The audiobook starts recording around the same time so that will, hopefully, be available in June and I 'll find out from Unbound when the e-book will be released. Then, in September, the trade paperback will appear in shops and to buy online. Of course, those of you who pledged on the hardbacks get a very special, very limited edition hardback that won't be in the shops :)

Watch for news about the cover art in the next week. We're so nearly there!


S x



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Mark Vent
 Mark Vent says:

HUZZAH! can't wait! :D

posted 22nd April 2013

Andrew James Kerr
 Andrew James Kerr says:

Great News Stevyn x

posted 22nd April 2013

Vaun earl Norman
 Vaun earl Norman says:

Well done Stevyn.

posted 22nd April 2013

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